How to make a boat in Minecraft?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
February 19, 2013
How to make a boat in Minecraft?

In the game Minecraft, as in life, the boat is more efficient than navigating the water. With it, you can quickly navigate the waters and catch fish, which will be enough for five days, so as not to die of hunger.

Since you can make a boat in Minecraft only from wood, for its manufacture you just need to get some wood. Two cubes will be enough. For the manufacture of enough one tree of any breed. Any ax which is available will help to receive wood. If the ax is not yet, then you can break the tree with your hands, but it will be 3-5 times slower than with an ax.

After that, the wood is placed on a workbench for further processing. Of the two cubes will be eight boards, five of them will go to the construction of the boat. When the boards are ready, you can proceed to craft the boat. They must be placed around the perimeter of the Kraft grid, leaving the top three cells blank. As soon as all the boards are in their places, a boat will appear in the result box.After you finally succeeded in making the boat in Minecraft, it remains only to place your wooden creation into the water in order to set sail.

The control of the boat is carried out in the same way as a person, but requires special skill, as the boat responds more slowly to pressing the control keys. The control of the boat becomes much more complicated when hit during, so it is better to avoid such areas. Remember that your design can break if you crash into it at full speed on the shore or in another solid block. The boat doesn’t look very elegant, but it’s much easier and safer to navigate through the water.

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