How to lose weight after the New Year holidays

Sharply and mercilessly you should not go on a rigid diet, otherwise the body will produce more fat in reserve and only kilograms of water and muscle mass will be lost by you.

The best option after a heavy holiday feast will be the transition to a healthy diet and once a week arrange a fasting day.

Apples contain a lot of vitamins, so great for a fasting day. On the day you need to eat 1.5 kilograms of fresh apples or you can bake them (but without any additives).

Also for the purification of the body is very well suited 1.5 liters of skimmed yogurt. For those who do not like kefir, it can be replaced by yogurt without sugar. Drink throughout the day.

The most favorite option for sweet teeth is a fasting day on chocolate. It is necessary to eat 500 g of chocolate in several doses for the whole day. You can drink it with clean water or tea without sugar.An important condition is that it is necessary to choose dark chocolate with the maximum amount of cocoa beans in it.

It is important to stick to the chosen option of the unloading day until the end and there is nothing superfluous. Also, it is better to cancel any power loads and trainings on this day, since the body must rest completely. Do not be amiss to go to the sauna or bath, for complete relaxation.

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