How to learn to hide the belly with clothes?

Few girls and women can boast a completely flat tummy. But if it is not ideal, do not worry, because hide it will help clothes. But to look stunning, when choosing things you need to follow a few rules.

So, how to hide the stomach with clothes?

  1. Correct colors. Absolutely, you will have to forget about light colors, they are known to be full, especially if there is an unnecessary volume in the abdomen. Light color is white, almost all pastel colors (milky, beige, sand, peach), light yellow and others. Bright colors are undesirable, they will only aggravate the situation, drawing attention to the problem area and increasing it. Stop the selection on one of the dark, deep and noble tones, such as brown, black, burgundy, emerald, purple. They will look bright, stylish and elegant and at the same time hide the abdomen area.
  2. Corrective Fabric. In fact, special corrective tissue does not exist, but there are still materials that will help you skillfully disguise those extra pounds.First of all, it is worth paying attention to dense tissue, they will play the role of a certain bandage and thereby visually reduce the volume. It will be necessary to forget about the flowing and translucent materials, as during the movement all the shortcomings will immediately strike the eye. It is also not recommended to wear clothes made of elastic fabrics. Although some elastic materials, by contrast, will help remove all unnecessary. But they must be very dense.
  3. Prints. Clothing that hides the stomach does not necessarily have to be monotonous, because some drawings visually reduce the volume. Feel free to choose things with vertical patterns, they stretch the silhouette and make you more slender and elegant. You can also pay attention to the colorful patterns. Contrary to popular belief, they also have excellent masking and corrective properties. Also interesting look geometric and floral prints. But animalistic motifs should be avoided, they are too aggressive. In any case, the elements should not be too large and bright, otherwise you will get the opposite effect.
  4. The right styles. Style plays a very important rolehe can literally transform your figure and change it beyond recognition. Ladies with a voluminous tummy should pay attention to models of dresses with an overstated waist. Also fit dresses, trapeze, straight free cut or A-silhouette. These styles not only give slenderness, but also mask what people should not see. If you wear skirts, then you should also choose models with an overstated waist and flared skirt that will hide all the defects and make the image romantic and feminine. A pencil skirt will not work, as it, on the contrary, will fit your stomach and show it in a bad light. Choosing pants, forget about models with low waist, they open and flaunt everything you need to carefully hide. But the high waist will be very useful. But the belt must be above the waist level, otherwise the stomach will be crushed, which will lead to the formation of obvious fat folds above the pants and below them.
  5. Details. Avoid volume parts in the abdomen, they will visually enlarge it. In this area there should not be frills, ruffles, flounces and other decorative elements.But tuck on the sides or contrasting inserts, on the contrary, would be appropriate.
  6. Right size. You should not think that by choosing a thing that is less than the real size, you will appear more slender. It is just the opposite. Narrow clothing fits tightly and immediately makes visible all the existing shortcomings, especially the stomach and, of course, the sides. So be sure to try on the fitting before buying and pay attention to how the thing sits. The material should not be very tight. Put on a thing and move, sit down, bend down. Movements should be comfortable and free. But the large size is also undesirable, such clothes will make you even bigger than you really are.
  7. Lingerie, especially panties. The best option is a special corrective slimming pants with a high waist. In any case, they should not overtighten the stomach, it will only underline it.
  8. Wear proper clothing. If you choose the right clothes, it does not mean that it will look beautiful, and especially for skirts and pants. Dressing blouses and shirts in the pants is not desirable. If they fall on the thighs, it will hide the stomach. But with skirts things are different.In them blouses and other items of clothing are best to fill. In addition, if you put on a vest or jacket, you should not fasten it completely. It is better to leave such a thing wide open. This will create a contrasting vertical line, the role of which will be played by a light blouse, and will allow you to stretch the silhouette. You can also fasten a jacket on one button, but located above the abdomen, and not on it, and especially below it.
  9. Correct accessories. You’re just going to have different belts, but you should wear them above waist level. And it can be both a contrast and bright thin strap, and a wide belt. But do not drag the body, it will look ugly. Another suitable accessory is beads or pendants. First, you should not focus on the stomach. This means that the accessory must end above this area. In addition, you can tie the beads in a knot, it will help visually stretch the figure.

These tips will help you hide the tummy and look stunning.

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