How to keep relationships with your loved one at a distance

The look of a couple at the age who is walking along a park alley, holding hands, warms the soul. They walk, talking about something, enjoying nature, and in their eyes one can still see that spark of sincere feelings, saturated with the feeling of love to the depths. It is at such moments that an understanding comes that absolutely nothing is scary for true love.
In the modern world, very often there is a need for various business trips, trips to another country to study, get a better job and the opportunity to raise the standard of living upon arrival at home. And then it becomes a problem how to save at a distance that light of joy, that love, which fate presented.
Although they say that for love the distance is not a hindrance, but it often happens the other way around. There are many reasons for this. First, that physical connection between lovers disappears when there is no opportunity to touch, kiss, smell the beloved.And nothing can be done about it, it is necessary to be patient and wait for the opportunity to embrace, cuddle, stroke the hair of the still sleeping halves, bring breakfast to bed and, holding hands, enjoy the presence of each other.
Today, the level of technology development allows you to contact your beloved anywhere in the world, see his dear, sweet, beautiful face, tell about all the incidents in your life and hear his voice. It is also possible to make a gift at a distance by paying it over the Internet. Similarly, you can remind about your feelings by sending a bouquet of flowers loved by your second half, or by singing a song you danced to when you first met.
Destructive to any relationship, especially when they are measured by hundreds, thousands of kilometers, are jealousy, distrust of the partner and the desire to check it. If such thoughts arise, it is necessary to distract with something as quickly as possible: take your hands, and your thoughts will go away.
Since it turned out that there is no opportunity to see your love every day, you need to be especially patient, to keep your peace of mind as possible and not to show how difficult and bad it is at the moment, so as not to overshadow the situation.You just need to wait and trust the person with whom you have bound life, and appreciate love, because it is not given to everyone.

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