How to influence people

During communication, try to tune in to the wave of the person you need, and it is much easier to influence the interlocutor whose thoughts coincide with yours. If you do not share the thoughts of your opponent, try to feel and understand it. Understanding is the source of partnership. The next step is the psychological infection of the interlocutor with your emotional state. Depict your enthusiasm when talking about certain topics, and he will catch your interest.
In order for a person to feel a favor for you, try to reflect it when speaking. Very often, people use this technique unconsciously, simply by copying the poses and gestures of the interlocutor. Gestures need to be reflected not immediately, but 3-4 seconds after your object demonstrates them. Do it at ease, so that your interlocutor does not have the thought of imitating. An interesting effect is obtained if you can synchronize your breath.
Works well and inaccessibility reception. If your attention is difficult to achieve, it significantly increases in price.This technique is often used by girls who want to attract a boyfriend. The effect of exclusivity can be used in other areas of life. The important point is to do everything so that the person during the first meeting really likes to communicate with you, but do not rush to give him a second chance.
Learn to listen to your opponent correctly - nod during a conversation. This makes it appear that you agree with the other person. And after a person gains confidence in you, it will be easier to convince him that he is right.
Use the appropriate moments to instill your thoughts. The interlocutor is most susceptible when he is physically tired. Most likely, a tired person will agree with your request and fulfill it, because otherwise he will experience psychological discomfort.
Smile often and be optimistic! You will be surprised by the response of others who have subordinated to your influence.

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