How to increase your eyes with makeup?

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How to increase your eyes with makeup?

It’s hard to imagine a modern woman who doesn’t use makeup at all and doesn’t do makeup. With the help of makeup, you can hide flaws, emphasize merits or drastically change your face: from the shape of your cheekbones or lips to the hue of your eyes. All this happens with the help of contrasts, the game of color, glare. For men, makeup seems like magic, for women it is a question of technology.

How to increase the eyes with the help of makeup - simple tips that will make the look more expressive and the eyes visually larger.

How to increase eyes with makeup - common rules

  • Use a light range of shadows and pencils - dark shades make the eyes look heavier and create the impression that the eyes are deep-set. Bright shadows will help open the view. So when choosing cosmetics instead of a black pencil, take a brown one, and replace the dark blue gamut with a creamy-beige one.
  • Paint only the upper lashes with thick mascara, and leave the lower ones as they are or apply a very light layer of mascara on them. Do not let them down with a pencil.Bright lower eyelashes will create a border, and a clearly defined eye visually seems to be smaller than it actually is.
  • Pay attention to the eyebrows - visually make your eyes more thin neat eyebrows. Pull them out only from the bottom, giving the desired shape. Too thick eyebrows distract from the eyes and hang over them.
  • Eyelashes - thick, fluffy, bulky and twisted. Bright eyelashes again visually increase your eye. You can twist them with tweezers - do this before applying mascara, so as not to damage them - so the look will open. You can make-up eyelashes with bulk mascara - this will give expressiveness. Or even use false eyelashes.
  • Use black mascara if you have dark hair, and brown if you have blond hair. Other shades of mascara are not recommended, color look becomes less expressive, eyelashes are lost and become less clear, it can look good on a photo or as part of a single image, but not suitable for everyday makeup.

How to increase the eyes with the help of makeup - the technology of applying makeup

  • The first level of shadows - light shades.The brightest spots are located under the eyebrow and on the inner corner of the eye; you can add accents there with a white pencil and shade. Light shadows, opaque or nacreous to your taste, all top eyelid is applied.
  • In the line of growth of the eyelashes and the outer edge of the eye, apply a dark shade of shadows (but not as dark as possible, for example, beige shadows are combined with brown, light blue and pink with gray). Blend with a brush, the color should intensify towards the outer edge.
  • Lower the eyelid along the inner contour with a white pencil - this will visually increase the area of ​​the eye.
  • Move your upper eyelid with a pencil — brown, blue or gray; remember that you do not need to use very dark shades. Do not draw arrows, it changes the shape of the eyes, and if your eyes are already small, it will reduce them even more. Using eyeliner or pencil do not go beyond the line of growth of eyelashes. If you have narrow eyes, move the eye not from the inner corner, but from the middle of the century.
  • Twist eyelashes, then apply mascara in several layers and brush your eyelashes with a brush so that they do not stick together.
  • Apply a light layer of mascara on the lower lashes so that they are not lost against the background of the light contour and shadows.

You can add light accents and last but not least, using a highlighter or crumbly pearl shadows.

Now you know how to increase your eyes with makeup. Remember, beautiful makeup is the one that does not catch the eye. Paying considerable attention to the eyes in the make-up do not use bright lipstick, enough gentle natural shade or lip gloss.

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