How to increase the space of a small room

Try to ensure an increased flow of light into the room. If the windows of the room face the north side, except for the upper chandelier, spotlights, wall sconces or floor lamps will be useful here.
The presence of large mirrors will allow to further increase the illumination of the room, as well as push the boundaries of a close room.
Wallpaper in such a room should be as light as possible - white or soft pastel colors.
The ceiling and the floor in a small room also make out in a bright range. Due to this, the sensation of cramping is reduced, and the space is visually enlarged.
Do not curtain windows with heavy curtains. Here air curtains or light-colored blinds will be more appropriate.
Pay attention to the furniture. In a small room there should be a minimum of furnishings. Even if you use the room as a bedroom, the double bed will “eat” all the space.Folding sofa or children's two-tier bed - the maximum that can be placed in the room-baby.
If you decide to equip an office here, then make sure that the ideal order reigns on your desktop. Heaps of papers or computer equipment will create the impression that the entire room is cluttered up.
Do not put massive cabinets in a small room, light mounted shelves will be quite enough. Try to have at least one wall free. As a last resort, decorate it with photos in frames or a wall calendar.

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