How to hide a number on a megaphone?

Agree, there are times when you absolutely do not want to “shine” your phone number. Situations are different, so modern mobile operators went to meet their users and gave them the opportunity not to advertise their number. This feature is implemented under the name "Hidden number" and is available from many operators. Some offer it only for corporate subscribers, while others make it accessible to absolutely everyone.

It is worth noting that, depending on the method of activating the “Hidden Number” service, it can be paid or free of charge. If you want to hide your contacts one-time, this will not entail any financial losses. Connection on a permanent basis will require a certain subscription fee. But let's get closer and see how to hide the number on a megaphone.

Three ways to hide the number on Megaphone

The first and second methods are completely free. At the same time, it should be noted that you can not use them all the time.The third method is intended for those Megafon subscribers who want to hide their number on a permanent basis.

  1. If you want to use the hidden number function once, just dial * 31 #, and then dial the phone number of the subscriber. As a result, you should have the following number: * 31 # 7924 *******, then feel free to press the "Call" button and be sure that the subscriber at the end of the wire will not see your phone number.
  2. The second method is directly related to the settings of your mobile phone and has nothing to do with the operator. It is worth noting that not all devices have it, but if you have a modern model, try searching. The function is called “Transfer Your Number” and most often is located in the “Call Settings” section. You just need to turn it off.
  3. As we have said, the third method is paid. He assumes that you will constantly use the service. On the Megafon website, you can find it by the name "Number Caller ID". There you will find the cost, which differs depending on the region.

How to open a number on a megaphone?

Once the need to hide your number disappears, you can open it.There are also several ways to do this.

  1. The easiest way is using the USSD command. You just need to dial the combination * 105 * 501 * 0 # and press the call button. In response, you will receive a message stating that the service is disabled.
  2. If you prefer to communicate personally with the employees of the mobile operator, call 0500 and inform about your desire to disconnect the service or contact directly the nearest Megafon branch.
  3. Also, you can open a number on Megafon using your personal cabinet. To do this, you need to log in to the site and go to the “Service Guide” section. In it you will find a subsection with the name "Services and tariff", it is enough to remove the option "hidden number". Do not forget to confirm the operation.
  4. If you previously hid your number using the settings of your phone, you can open it in the same way. Just go to the call settings and turn on the “Transfer Your Number” feature.

These simple functions will allow you to more flexibly control your phone calls.

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