How to grow tobacco?

Today, tobacco is the most sought-after product in the community. Much to our regret, every second person on the planet depends on the use of tobacco in its various forms. But not everything is as bad as it seems, the situation in society is not so terrible. Many people use tobacco as a treatment, it helps the body, that’s another question. Although most often people argue the process of using tobacco as a habit or relaxation. Based on how rapidly the prices of such a product are growing, the question of how to grow tobacco at home is becoming increasingly frequent! Here are all the features of this process, we will talk in this article.

Sweet tobacco in the garden

Speaking about how to grow fragrant tobacco at home, there is a mind, its cultivation in the garden, because for this plant you need not only a lot of space, but at the same time it is high. Therefore, if you do not have a plot of land free from other plants, then forget about this undertaking. Also, do not think about creating a business on this basis, because it still requires technology and a huge piece of land, given the volumes in which the companies buy tobacco.It is rather the creation of this product for yourself. After harvesting, you'll know for sure that you smoke real tobacco without chemicals and impurities.

Growing seedlings

Speaking about how to grow tobacco, it is impossible to ignore a similar procedure, because it is one of the most important without it in this matter. First you need to grow seedlings, then to transplant it into the garden. For this you can use ordinary flower pots. The cultivation of seedlings will take about 100 days.

The main stages of landing:

  • We prepare everything you need, namely:
    • containers for planting and be sure to prepare pallets for them
    • seeds, usually they are sold in sachets
    • polyethylene is about the size of the tank in which the seed will be planted
    • a spray bottle that is filled with water at room temperature
  • We place the container on trays with water and directly fill the containers with soil, which should be slightly damp. After filling the tank with ground level the surface.
  • We take packages with seeds and scatter them on the surface of the soil. In this case, one square centimeter, no more than 15 seeds. After that, use your finger to slightly press the seeds into the ground.
  • We take a spray bottle and spray the ground with water about two or three times, no more.
  • We take polyethylene and cover the container. In this case, the polyethylene should not touch the surface of the soil, so we stretch it on the edges of the soil.
  • Pour water into the pan, it will moisten the bottom of the soil. But here you need very little water.
  • We put the container in the place where the sun falls, for example, on the window sill, if it is warm and the wind is not blowing around.
  • The main stages of planting sprouted seeds:
  • Carefully prepare the soil layer by adding sand and humus.
  • We plant sprouted seeds. There is a certain special technique where it is stated that the density of tobacco planting is 70x30 cm.
  • We make holes near the prepared furrow, which must be at a distance of at least 30 cm from each other.
  • Fill in each well for half a liter of water. And only after that, we insert the seedlings, not forgetting to slightly sprinkle the roots with dry earth.

Note also that a similar planting of germinated seeds is usually made in May, namely from 20 to 25 numbers.

Features of tobacco care

If we talk about how to grow tobacco properly, then one cannot do without special care for this plant.But it is not so difficult, although it takes a sufficient amount of time and careful attention.

  • It is necessary to water the plants regularly, loosen the ground and add feed. By the way about watering, the best way - spraying water. To do this, install a technique that will constantly spray the plants. Although if you have only a couple of bushes, you can handle it yourself.
  • When the plant has already bloomed, and tobacco blossoms with light pink flowers, you need to break off the tops of the inflorescences.
  • As this plant ripens, you need to remove the leaves, by the way, they come in various shapes, both oval and sharp. This procedure must begin with the lower tiers and of course not to tear off all the leaves at once. After that, the collected leaves, put in a dark room for 12 hours, and only after that we broadcast them to dry in another special room. By the way, they are dried until autumn, after which they are removed, smoothed and naturally packaged.
  • Constantly remove weeds and look after each plant, removing various diseases, as it is worth remembering that this tobacco is created for use, which means that it must be of high quality.Just do not forget about the pests in the form of bugs, for which tobacco is no exception.

Now, you know how to grow smoking tobacco at home. And although at first glance this procedure is far from simple and takes really a lot of time, but still it is worth it. By the way, there are numerous videos on the subject of tobacco planting, based on its various types, which would be worth seeing before starting this type of work. Having grown quality raw materials, it is worth remembering that in any case smoking is hazardous to health. Therefore, do not abuse them, even if the tobacco is grown by you personally.

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