How to grow potatoes sweet potatoes

Sweet potato is a root vegetable, which is a valuable food and feed product. Despite the fact that the vegetable is thermophilic, it can be planted and grown even in the northern regions.

Sweet potato sweet potatoes and its beneficial properties

There are many varieties of sweet potatoes, which differ significantly among themselves in all their characteristics. May be yellow, orange, cream, red; soft, hard or juicy; slightly bland or very sweet.

sweet potato
Potato sweet potatoes can be elongated with orange pulp
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What is the use of sweet potatoes?

  • Improves the circulatory system. The vegetable contains a large amount of fiber and vitamin B6. These substances help to clear the blood of cholesterol, improve blood flow, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, reduce blood pressure.
  • Helps to cope with problems of the digestive tract. The substances in the vegetable relieve the inflammatory process and reduce the pain of gastritis and ulcer.
  • Indicated for diabetes.The product does not increase blood sugar, because it has a low glycemic index.
  • Rejuvenates the skin. Beta-keratin promotes the production of collagen, which means that when using sweet potatoes, wrinkles are reduced and skin elasticity increases.
  • It prevents the development of cancer cells. Vegetable contains a large amount of vitamin C, which is a strong antioxidant.

If you feel tired, nervous, anxious, cook mashed potatoes. Dish will help fill the body with potassium, which is lost under stress.

Potato growing sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes have a long growing season, so planting potatoes should not be tubers, but seedlings. This should be done when the danger of frost has passed.

Start sprouting tubers at the end of winter. Sprouted shoots that have reached a height of 11–14 cm are separated from the tubers and transplanted into a warm greenhouse. From one tuber can turn out 22−29 sprouts. For landing in open ground suitable sunny, sheltered from the wind place.

The soil should be fertile, suitable loamy with sand. Dig the soil to a depth of 20 cm.If you dig too deep a hole, the roots may develop thin and long. This is bad for the quality of the fruit.

Plant seedlings at a depth of 7-8 cm. Keep the distance between rows of 65-79 cm, and between plants 55-65 cm

This plant tolerates drought well, but it needs to be watered regularly. 2 weeks before harvest stop watering. During the season, feed the plant with complex fertilizer at least three times.

Sweet potatoes - a wonderful vegetable culture, a beneficial effect on the body. With proper and attentive care, the sweet potato will become a full-fledged gardener, like familiar vegetables.

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