How to get to "Lyublino"?

Olga Koval
Olga Koval
January 13, 2015
How to get to "Lyublino"?

Lyublino-Dmitrievskaya line of the Moscow metro, which was opened in 1995 and then completed. The last station is currently open in 2011.

The line connects the north and south of the city and connects areas such as Lyublino and Pechatniki with the city center.

How to get to Lyublino by subway

If you need to get to the metro station Lyublino, you need to transfer to the Lyublino-Dmitrievskaya line. On the way, the Lublin line intersects with almost all metro lines except Filevskaya, Butovskaya and Kakhovskaya, so in order to get to Lyublino, for example, from Filevsky park, you have to make several metro connections to get to the Lublin line.

How to get to the metro station Lyublino by road

The Lyublino metro station is located on Sovkhoznaya Street, you can also go down to the metro platform from Krasnodar Street. Not far from the metro station stop minibuses № 531 m, 528 m, 553, 521 m, 513 m, 530 m, 433 m, 522 m, 527 m, 695 m, 82 m; buses number 30, 54, 7, 128, 280, 658.

Also, suburban buses from the bus station of the cities of Dzerzhinsky, Kapotny, Lytkarino, Lyubertsy go to the metro station Lyublino.

From this station there are free buses to the shopping and entertainment complex "Mega", where you can have an interesting and useful time.

To get to the metro station Lyublino by car from the center, you should go to Volgogradsky Avenue and go to the intersection with Lyublinskaya Street. Next, go to Krasnodar, where one of the entrances to the subway is located.

Upon reaching the final station of the Lublin line, you can transfer to the Zamoskvoretskaya line, which takes you to the River Station or Domodedovo Airport.

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