How to get rid of tooth sensitivity

Find out the reasons for which increased sensitivity, and take steps to eliminate them. As a rule, hereditary predisposition to weak enamel and enamel cracks due to mechanical or chemical damage, caries, exposure of the root or neck of the tooth are among the main causes. In addition, the causes may be associated with metabolic disorders, toxicosis of pregnant women or endocrine disorders.
Refuse from the use of hot and cold food, soda water and products that have an increased acid content (such as, for example, citrus fruits).
At least once a week, eat sea fish, as it contains fluoride, which is necessary for healthy teeth. Black and green tea, walnuts, sea kale are also rich in fluorine.
Do not use aluminum cookware for cooking, as this metal prevents the absorption of fluoride.
Care for your teeth properly: brush them twice a day with a soft brush or a brush with a bristle of medium hardness. Make sure that the brush moves vertically along the axis of the tooth (that is, it should only move up and down), as with improper movements (including horizontal ones) the tooth enamel will erase over time, which can later lead to wedge-shaped defects. In addition, at least twice a year, change the toothbrush.
To clean your teeth, use only toothpastes with a �for sensitive teeth� mark. It should be noted that with sensitive teeth, whitening toothpastes and toothpaste removers will be banned.
Give up unhealthy teeth habits, such as alternating hot with cold, biting threads, opening your teeth with beer bottles.

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