How to get rid of sunburn?

Every woman at least once in her life has encountered an uneven tan due to glasses or a swimsuit, and you can keep silent about the “tanner of a summer resident”. It is scary to talk about the “overcooked” red-brown spotted color of skin, regardless of whether it was obtained in a tanning salon or was the result of a carefree holiday on the beach. But how to get rid of sunburn or at least lighten it if it does not suit you at all? The task is not easy, but quite solvable.


If, after a long day under the sun, the skin became covered in spots, the heat turned red and rose, and the “tanned” areas began to hurt a lot, then it’s still too early to think about how to remove the tan. This is a sunburn and should be treated immediately. Suitable for this as special creams, and therapeutic ointment like "Panthenol" or "rescuer." Do not forget about traditional medicine: cold sour cream perfectly cool and moisturize the skin, but it should be used immediately after getting a burn, and not every other day, when it is too late. There is also such a technique as wiping off burnt skin with vodka: thanks to its rapid evaporation, vodka will take the temperature off, but will not be able to help in healing.

Bath day

If the tan after the holiday took tight, but before the public events there is still time, you can try to lighten the skin with the help of bath procedures. To do this, you need a scrub of two types - for the body (with granules) and for the face (more gentle), a new washcloth, pumice. You can also often go to the bath to the skin as possible to cleanse. Thus, it is possible within a month not only to achieve a natural complexion, but also to clean the skin well.

Folk remedies

Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, who lived in times of fashion for aristocratic pallor, were very afraid to tan, so many recipes of beauty to lighten the skin came to us. For example, sour cream for 2 weeks of constant use can remove the tan or greatly lighten it. There is also a recipe for how to remove a tan with the help of fresh cucumber juice - such a mask consisting of finely grated cucumber is applied and held for about 15-20 minutes. Also, you can add lemon juice to it - by itself it is dangerous for the skin, but in combination with any natural mask it acts perfectly. Still used raw potato juice in the same way, the main thing - do not squeeze the mush.

There is another, true, Western recipe for getting a quick pallor of the face - to wipe yourself with a towel dipped in vinegar. But it is worth remembering that pure vinegar cannot be done at all; it is necessary to dilute it with some water or add it to masks.

Snow white for one day

If you need to become a pale face beauty in a short time, all the above recipes will not help. Here it is time to take up cosmetics - foundation of lighter shades and porcelain powder. In the most extreme case, and theatrical makeup. The main disadvantage of such a transformation is that you should observe skin tone and not forget about the places of transition.


In order not to think about how to wash off a tan, it is better to be safe and stock up before taking a walk on a nice day or going to the solarium with special protective creams. Anyway, in the open air it is better not to abuse the sun baths - they are not as useful as they seem. It is better to once again sit in the shade or get a paper umbrella from the sun than try to reduce the ugly spots on the skin.

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