How to get rid of black dots

Get a tonic with salicylic acid, such tools are commercially available in a wide range. You can buy cleansing milk or lotion, foam. Such cosmetics contain substances that constrict pores. Wash at least twice a day with their use. If you use a tonic or milk, you can wipe the skin with a cotton swab moistened with a liquid.
Buy a facial scrub or a more gentle means - pilling. The granules included in their composition, gently cleanse the skin. Use such cosmetics carefully, once a week is enough. Apply with massaging movements over the entire face, avoiding the T-zone (nasolabial triangle, area under the eyes).
Go to the pharmacy where you will be told which herbs to use when getting rid of black dots. As a rule, these are calendula, chamomile, celandine, etc. Prepare a decoction of dry flowers, pour into molds and freeze.In order to narrow pores, wipe your face with such cubes before going out, at night and before applying decorative cosmetics.
If you apply makeup daily, buy a cream base. After washing, do not wipe your face with a towel. Before going outside, lubricate your face well with lotion, which will narrow the pores. Or do it before applying makeup.
Contact your cosmetologist in the salon to help you get rid of black dots and give advice on skin care to prevent or reduce their appearance.
Pour water into a small saucepan, boil. Add a decoction of any herbs there, you can use milk and honey. Razorte face skin over steam and leave to dry completely. Then squeeze the black dots very carefully, this should be done with glass and wooden sticks. This reduces the risk of dirt and prevents skin inflammation. Be sure to wash your hands before the procedure. It is better if you do not use cosmetics for 1-2 days after that. After mechanical cleansing, apply a nourishing cream on the skin.
Get face masks, which are based on clay or other astringent, such as bodyaga.There are also masks-films on the market, which should be applied to the skin in an even layer, afterwards they are removed without the use of water or cleansing agents.
You can make an egg white based mask. Take the enameled container and put one raw protein there, add one teaspoon of powdered sugar. Beat the mixture until a homogeneous mass, it is desirable that it increased in volume. Divide the composition into two parts, put one in the refrigerator, put the second on the previously cleansed skin of the face and leave to dry for 10 minutes. Then apply the second part of the mixture. When the mixture is dry, rinse it with boiled water that has cooled to room temperature beforehand.

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