How to get rid of acne on the back

You will need
  • - vitamins A, E and C;
  • - baking soda;
  • - iodized salt;
  • - shower gel;
  • - tar soap;
  • - zinc paste or sulfuric ointment;
  • - any disinfectant (hydrogen peroxide, salicylic acid, calendula tincture, etc.).
There are many reasons that lead to the appearance of acne on the back: hormonal disorders; endocrine diseases; disorders of the digestive system; blockage of sweat and sebaceous glands due to improper or inadequate hygiene; gynecological diseases; lack of air exchange of the skin (due to wearing clothes made of synthetic materials); unhealthy diet; active sebaceous glands; heredity; puberty; stressful effects; lack of vitamins and minerals in the body.
The first thing you need to restore the correct operation of the gastrointestinal tract. Change your diet, eliminate heavy and junk food. It is necessary to abandon sugary carbonated drinks, alcohol and coffee. Increase intake of clean water to two liters per day.Start taking vitamins C, E and A, which favorably affect the condition of the skin, nourishing and cleansing it. Think about changing your clothes, wear spacious things from natural fabrics.
Today, aesthetic medicine has progressed significantly in its development. If you want to confide in professionals, then the following procedures will help fight acne at a cosmetology clinic: mesotherapy, ectroporation, plasma lifting, ozone therapy, biorevitalization. But you should not expect an instant result from the above procedures, you will have to fight for beautiful skin and do them regularly to maintain the result.
Take a regular shower, at least twice a day. First wash your head, and only after that the body. Hair products should not fall on the back, as they have the ability to clog pores, often cause acne. If there are sore acne on the back, do not rub with a washcloth or peeling. It is necessary to massage the skin with a soft sponge. Use tar soap for washing your back. If possible, visit the Russian bath once a week.Steam oak broom that strengthens and cleanses the skin.
Twice a week, use a home scrub to cleanse the skin and pores on the back. To make it, you will need regular iodized salt and baking soda. Mix one part of soda with two parts of salt, add a little cleanser or shower gel and a little water. Mix all the ingredients until smooth, apply on the back of the skin with massage movements (or ask someone close to do so). Leave the mixture for fifteen minutes and rinse.
Get any disinfectant at the pharmacy: Metrogil, salicylic acid, Levometsitin, hydrogen peroxide, Chlorhexidine, boric alcohol, Furacilin, calendula tincture. One of these tools wipe your back twice a day. When the solution dries, lubricate the problem area with sulfur ointment or zinc paste. Such treatment does not bring quick effect, the result will be visible only after a few weeks.

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