How to get a military ticket?

The draft board must meet its decision. This is done after consideration of your personal case and the conclusions made on its basis on whether to recognize you as fit for military service or to grant a delay because of any circumstances. Given this goal, how to get a military ID, we are primarily interested in the third way - to be completely exempted from compulsory service in the Armed Forces. So, let us take a closer look at how to get a military ticket without having been in the ranks of the army.

Why even get a military ticket

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that we, in turn, do not offer you any illegal ways to obtain a military ticket. Moreover, try to eradicate any grain of ideas on how to buy a warmaster or fake it.

The main motive of irresistible craving to cheat is that the alleged military ID is direct evidence that all your “problems” with the military office are resolved. No, it is not.A huge number of young people annually replenish the state’s treasury with huge fines for forging documents and attempting to evade conscription only by trying to buy a military ID somewhere!

First of all, understand that a military ID is a serious document. He is a direct reflection of the consequences of your interactions with the military office. All actions and documents accompanying them, of course, are recorded in various databases, both computer and classic "paper". Buy a warmaster in the underpass is easy. But be prepared for the fact that you just give away a lot of money for a piece of useless paper. In addition, for this you will have to bear serious responsibility, as already mentioned above, for falsifying documents and evading military service.

So, we found out that getting a military ID in a legal way is the only sensible way out of a situation where serving in the army really goes against your interests and plans for the future.

How to get a military ticket legally

Proceeding from the natural desire of many recruits to “put aside”, the whole procedure of fulfilling their duties before the law for conscripts is very closely connected with everyday (everyday) life.Getting a military ticket becomes not only convenient and prestigious (+ necessary), but also very profitable, as in the future it can greatly help you with all sorts of life problems. For the same passport, you must obtain a certificate in the form number 32 of the draft board. And how do you imagine the turnout in the military enlistment office with a forged military leader? It is just self-destructive and absolutely stupid. With the same job placement, having a military ID for men means a definite plus.

A small example from the personal experience of the author

I never would have thought that a military man could serve as something more than a crust in case of an erroneous recruitment. I received my warlord absolutely honestly and lawfully, thanks to peptic ulcer for that.

And he came in handy! It came as a shock to me that our Russian military ID is an international document. It so happened that during the conclusion of the petty transaction through the Skype conference, we, the parties, had to submit a list of documents to the mediator. My potential customer from the United States sent everything that was necessary. I urgently needed a second document (except for a passport) to confirm my identity, and the mediator surprised me when he said that if I had a military officer, everything would be easier.For the next half minute, the military ID, which had been dusting in documents, was placed in a scanner and safely sent to an intermediary. Our transaction took place safely, and the military leader was placed in a crust - he deserved it.

Thus, we found out that a military ID is a very important and useful document.

To get a warlord is legal just

In order to get a military card legally, you need to have with you:

  • Speaker skills.
  • A solid goal and its awareness.
  • The disease provided in the Schedule of Diseases. ("Registry of slopes" in recruits :)
  • All documents related to the examination of your illness earlier.

If you do not have any disease, do not worry. As the doctors say, there are no healthy people, there are under-examined! I also did not know that I am the “happy” owner of the ulcer.

The diseases necessary for exemption from military service fall into the categories of health B and D. If you have group B, you will be written off as a reserve; group D is generally exempted from the army for life.

Another advantage of our system is that since 2005, the re-examination has been canceled. That is, having received a military officer, you can no longer worry that they will check you again and send you to the army!

P.S.All the above personal examples are considered a joke, as well as the author's name with a pseudonym.

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