How to fry dumplings?

There are many reasons to understand how dumplings are fried. Firstly, it is very tasty and satisfying, even if it is a high-calorie dish. Secondly, this is an excellent treat for guests who suddenly appear suddenly, which is easy to do in haste. Finally, this is a great opportunity to realize culinary fantasies. In this article we will explain how to fry the dumplings correctly.

how do the dumplings roast
How to fry dumplings to get an appetizing crust?
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How many fry dumplings and how to do it right

Dumplings are very high in calories, and fried are doubly. Therefore, a hearty and appetizing dish should not be made daily dinner, leave it for a special occasion. To reduce the calorie content of the fried product, first place it on a paper napkin: it will absorb excess oil.

If you are cooking frozen ravioli, let them thaw a little.To do this, lay them on the table for a quarter of an hour. Then squeeze each hand: so the product is better roasted.

The first option will be crisp, the second - soft. What is better is a matter of taste.

Experienced cooks recommend frying the product for a quarter of an hour. Throw it in a hot pan with well heated oil. Do not cover with a lid, put the fire in the middle. Readiness is easily identified by the appearance of golden brown.

How should fry dumplings

Fans of appetizing crusts prefer to fry frozen ravioli. Let them thaw for 10-15 minutes, then heat the frying pan and pour in the vegetable oil. When it warms up, temper the fire a little.

Throw the cake in the pan so that the dumplings do not fit too close to each other, otherwise they will stick together. Add salt and spices, your favorite seasonings. Cook three minutes on each side. Then pour 150 ml of boiled water into a container, throw a bay leaf and a couple of peas of allspice.

Cover the pan with a lid, make the flame stronger. Wait until the liquid has evaporated and do not turn off the gas for another 2-3 minutes to dry the pelmeni and crust.

How to fry dumplings after cooking? To start boil the semi-finished product for 10-15 minutes with salt and spices. Then heat the pan and put a piece of butter on it. When it melts, pour the dumplings. Fry them, stirring constantly, until a golden blush appears.

Fried dumplings are a tasty and simple dish that will be appreciated by guests and households. They are good for everyday dinner, and for solemn occasions when guests came unexpectedly.

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