How to fix the problem

Most people find themselves in a difficult situation. Life presents them without asking permission. Someone copes with them, some do not. The first type of people is called successful. How do they do it? First of all, they treat the obstacle facing them not as a problem, but as a task. Moreover, it should be concrete, necessarily achievable and formulated in a positive manner.
Take a pen and paper and describe the essence of the problem as detailed as possible. Write as you like - cut, draw diagrams, drawings. After that, fix everything that you have at the moment, which could help you achieve the goal, as well as everything that you definitely need for this in the future.
Analyze the task. Decide on the resources. Turn the sheet and at a fast pace write on it possible and impossible in your opinion ways to achieve the goal. Write without hesitation. As the list grows, your consciousness will clear, and the subconscious will take over the work.Perhaps the most ridiculous option you offer will be the most acceptable.
Split your task into several smaller parts, and them - into as many subparagraphs. Consider how you can achieve a given result, and where you start. The deduction method will do. Perhaps in order to arrive at a goal, you need to start with a basic telephone call. Do not delay the time, start. The path to solving the problem should be accompanied by personal praise for each, even if only a small step.
Imagine in detail the enchanting moment when this “height” will be taken. Feel the whole inner delight.

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