How to finish a mitten?

Vladimir Kulinich
Vladimir Kulinich
1 March 2013
How to finish a mitten?

There is an interesting way of spending time. This is knitting. One of the items that you can knit are mittens. How to finish a mitten, our article will tell. The method that you choose to reduce the loop in a circle to complete the work differs in the appearance of the finished mitten, as well as the technique and the number of reductions you have made. Also, such a subtraction technique is often used when knitting toe socks. So, it's time to learn how to finish knitting a mitten.

Knitting techniques

  1. First you need to knit together two facial loops. It is necessary to do each of the four spokes. To do this, you need to stretch the thread not through one, but through two loops, that is, to make the simplest reduction.
  2. Then you need to continue your work in the same way until eight loops remain (this will be two loops on each spoke). Now through these loops you need to stretch the tip of your working thread (now you can cut it off), tighten it tightly and fasten tightly from the inside.The thread that remains after this must be trimmed.
  3. Such a decrease can be seen on each side of the mitten, at the same time, it will round out like a spiral.
  4. In this case, the decrease must be done at the end and in the middle of each knitting needle. So, the top of the mitten you get a little more rounded. The remaining hinges must also be tightened with a working thread.
  5. It is also possible to knit every two loops (first) on the first and third needles with the help of “throwing over”, that is, to stretch one loop through the second. At the same time on the second and fourth needles it is necessary to tie the last two loops together in the usual way.

Now you have a sharp tip that resembles the roof of a house or the tip of a triangle. In this process, any of these options is the penultimate stage of your work. The same reduction should be done when you knit your thumb mittens. When you have several circular rows on your thumb mittens, you need to tighten the last few loops with a thread and hide them inside the thumb of your mitten. Now you know how to finish knitting mittens.

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