How to fashion hair color in 2017: the 8 best techniques

Many women of fashion experiment with the color of hair. After all, changing haircuts is an excellent anti-stress therapy. Therefore, if it seems to you that something is going wrong in life, change the hair color and everything will change drastically around! Recolour hair better according to the latest trends. To find out which hair shades will be in fashion in 2017 - read the material! It will help you find the perfect shade for well-being throughout 2017!


The first technique, with which we will begin, is a sombre. As you can guess from the name, this type of coloring is very similar to Ombre. The difference is that the color transition is more smooth. It uses several similar shades, and the gradation of color is not only horizontally, but also vertically.






Such coloring is perfect for those who want to lighten the shade of their hair a little, but do not want to tint the roots every three weeks. It looks amazingly natural and very convenient!

Cherry Bomb




Shades of berries and wine - this year's hit. The most popular of them is cherry.But you can choose Bordeaux or mahogany. In deep red you can paint all your hair. Even better - shade chocolate color of hair by cherry strands. If your chestnut is closer to the copper one (that is, warmer), it is worth replacing the cherry shade with a warmer one: with the color of burgundy or lingonberry jam.





For those who want to refresh the image a little, but do not want to completely change the hair color, there is also an interesting solution. This is a "bebilights" or "sunbeams" technique. It consists in lightening individual strands - closer to the ends of the hair. As a result, a feeling of sunburn that burns in the sun is created. Especially often this effect is observed in children, because in the summer they spend a lot of time in the sun. Of course, solar strands simply must rejuvenate! Very good baby looks on slightly curly hair of light brown or light brown color.

Noble gray hair

Another trend in 2017 is gray. Silver-gray and snow-white strands will suit young girls and elegant ladies. If you have never dyed your hair and you already have gray hair, now is the time to wear it with pride and dignity.A young fashionista gray hair will help in creating a shocking image.



Just keep in mind that to create a gray effect will have to be much clarified. If you doubt that you can tame this color in real life, it is better not to risk it. Less chances to miss with a shade from those whose skin, eyes and natural hair color are naturally cold colors

Strawberry blondes

Blondes in 2017 were lucky! In fashion, a variety of shades, applicable for toning. One of the most interesting options is a warm strawberry blond. It looks as tasty as it sounds!

The advantage of this type of coloring is that it is easiest to achieve the warm shade of most colored blondes. You do not need to completely get rid of the yellow pigment, you can simply neutralize it, correctly bringing it into a strawberry shade. Plus, this is a great way to diversify your palette!


Dark depth

Since naturalness is still in fashion, the trends of 2017 could not ignore the dark-haired beauties. Different shades of chestnut, especially cold ones, are relevant. To achieve a beautiful smoky shade on dark hair is not easy, and he is not for everyone.
Be sure to consider that heat is of great importance when it comes to hair color. If you are in doubt that a cool brown-haired one will suit you, try coloring your hair with an unstable dye first (tint). Find your tone - you can switch to resistant paints.


Brunettes, too, are pleased with the view on the catwalks. Black hair can be slightly shaded tinted, deepening their shade. A brilliant cloth of dark hair - what else is needed for the image of a mysterious and sexy woman.

Sun set



Among the fashion trends of coloring there are also those that will appeal to lovers of extreme beauty. The main one is the gradient in sunset colors. Red, pink, peach and yellow shades very nicely "spread" through the hair, creating the effect of the setting sun. Of course, in the office, such staining may look somewhat inappropriate, but a trip to the sea is a good reason for such experiments.

Bright highlights

In general, the most current dyeing techniques of 2017 are side-by-side, with the effect of glare and color shimmer. But, paradoxically, they can be used with almost opposite goals - depending on the choice of color palette.
With natural coloring, these techniques help to achieve the most natural look.But if you enter one or several bright colors into the color layout, the coloring immediately becomes rebellious, extraordinary - and still very fashionable!




Finally, it is worth saying a few words about the correct selection of the dye. If you want to change the shade of hair or try out a new technique, it is better to seek help from a professional. At home it is recommended to dye hair in the same color, slightly refreshing shade. The fact is that the result of staining is the result of mixing three colors:

  1. your pigments that are present in the hair;
  2. remnants of the previous paint that have not washed out of the hair;
  3. pigments from the new coloring structure.

If you cannot imagine these colors for yourself, then it will be difficult to predict the future result.

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