How to equip the attic floor in the house?

Until the middle of the 17th century, attics in houses served as a kind of storeroom for old and unnecessary things. In rare cases, linen was hung there after washing. But once a young architect from France, Francois Mansaru, came up with a brilliant idea - to turn the attic floor into a living room. The result was excellent, but for a long time such rooms were used as housing for servants. The beauty of life under the roof and a wonderful view from the window were considered only in the 19th century, giving the attic a new life.

Happy owners of a private house today we will tell you how to do it yourself.

Life under the roof

Today, the attitude to residential and even non-residential area in the house has changed dramatically. We are trying to use each centimeter with maximum benefit. That is why many began to stare at the empty attics. Competently approaching the issue of their arrangement, you can get quite a full room.

So, let's see what can be turned into an attic:


This is one of the most successful options. The roof arch and its height will not be such an important factor for arranging the sleep area. Having placed a bed at a window, you will provide yourself a daily relax in the form of contemplation of the star sky.

Visually expand the space will help a large mirror and vertical wall sconces. If the windows in the attic are small, you can make the bedroom more bright by painting the walls and ceiling white. And giving it the effect of aging (making scuffs after painting), you can create a cozy rustic chic by adding wrought-iron furniture and textiles with cornflower blue.

In case there are carrying beams on the ceiling, they can be harmoniously entered into the existing interior by covering the ceiling with wooden clapboard. This combination will be an excellent base for a Provence bedroom.

For those who prefer to preserve almost the original atmosphere of the attic, you should look for old wooden furniture - a wardrobe, nightstand, chairs, leave the walls intact, and decorate it all with warm blankets, a neat tablecloth and ornaments made from natural materials. Get a real country style.

Choosing a design for the attic, of course, you should pay attention to the overall design of the house. If you prefer the classics, then in the bedroom under the roof you can play on contrasts - a light ceiling and dark walls. Add monochrome curtains, an outdoor mirror in a beautiful bronze frame and expensive furniture.

Children's dreams

It’s a real magic to have your room closer to the sky. To dream, sitting at a window, to read interesting books, to play favorite games. When making a nursery, you should follow a few simple rules that will help to divide the space correctly:

  • Place your desk by the window, so most of the time you will not need artificial lighting;
  • the sloping ceiling can be used to fasten a canopy over the bed for a girl;
  • the bed itself is better to have near the wall, then the wall opposite will have a great place for the construction of shelves or closet;
  • if height allows, furniture can be made bunk, the upper floor is suitable for a bed, and the lower one will become a zone of games;
  • small sections of the walls can be used for small furniture - a chest of drawers for things or pedestals for books and toys.

Living room

Perhaps this is one of the most unusual solutions.At least the guests will be amazed. Despite the small size, the attic is able to become roomy, for this you only need to properly design the design.

What can be done to prevent such a living room from being crowded? First of all use light tones. Walls, floor, ceiling, textiles - everything should be airy. But bright accents are not excluded. A table with a transparent tabletop and chairs made of lightweight plastic will be an excellent addition.

On one of the end walls you can equip a fireplace or even imitate it. This will make the living room more comfortable. In the corners, place the shelves or open cabinets - there will fit interesting books, necessary utensils and pleasant souvenir trifles.

Repair, of course, will require a lot of effort and money, but the result will surely please you.

Cabinet or library

This place will be an excellent "island of solitude" where you can work, focusing, or plunge into the literary world. Shelves with books can be placed on two large walls.

There, in the case of the cabinet, the shelves or cabinets for documents and necessary things will harmoniously fit in. Do not forget about the desktop, which is better located at the window.And for the library, get comfortable upholstered chairs. Cosiness in both cases will add curtains of heavy falling fabric.

You can also equip the attic floor with a gym, dressing room, billiard room or even a bathroom. Everything depends solely on your imagination and desire to create.

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