How to equip a small nursery

You will need
  • - finishing materials for repair;
  • - mat;
  • - curtains and blinds;
  • - furniture for the nursery.
Arrangement of a nursery in a small room, start with a good repair of the room. Choose materials for finishing that are environmentally friendly so that your child does not develop an allergy. Require certificates of quality and compliance for use in the nursery.
The bedside rug should not be fluffy so that it can be easily cleaned. Use light curtains and blinds to get the most out of the sunlight and be able to shade the room during the baby’s nap.
Furniture choose only the nursery, do not link the old interior items in the child's room. First, “adult” things are quite large and will clutter an already small room. Secondly, in the production of furniture for children, materials are especially thoroughly tested for ecological cleanliness and hypoallergenicity.
If the room for a child is very small, pay attention to the model of children's furniture, which accommodates all the necessary items, making the most of multi-tiered. The bed is located at the top of the wall; kids who like different ladders like it very much.
The middle "floor" is occupied by a desk and convenient shelves for books and toys. At the bottom of this wonderful product are drawers for laundry. On the side, a wardrobe for the child’s clothes is organically inscribed. You should order such furniture according to your individual sizes, so as not to lose a single square centimeter of space.
Not all are fans of such ergonomic and multifunctional furniture. Some parents like to be able to change the situation from time to time by rearranging the interior. In this case, choose an elegant and bright set of furniture for your child, without too much decor.
Make the most of vertical surfaces for hanging shelves to make room below for children's games.

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