How to dye your hair at home, 10 tips

How to dye your hair at homeIf you want to save money or control the resulting color, and maybe not spend time going to the hairdresser, dyeing hair at home can be an easy decision, especially if you know what to do. Some of my friends this year began to dye their hair at home, and no one noticed the difference! How to dye your hair at home? It's just important to do everything right, so I’m giving you ten tips on how to dye your hair at home. Interesting tips to help you.


1. It is important to choose a suitable color.

The most stylish hairstyles will be even more beautiful with the right choice of color. Do a little research before choosing paint. My favorite way to check if this color will suit me personally is to upload my photo to one of the sites dedicated to makeup and image, and experiment with hair color there. After choosing a color, carefully read the instructions for the required quantity for your length on the package or in the paint instructions.If you need to buy 2 packs, use this advice, otherwise you can not paint over all the hair, or the color will turn out pale and quickly wash off.


2. Prepare the hair.

The day before coloring, wash your hair and dry it with a towel. Use shampoo for your hair type (I use shampoo designed for oily hair) and make sure you wash it well. And remember - do not apply any styling products to your hair. This means that the hair must be able to absorb the coloring composition in the best possible way.


3. Apply paint to dry hair.

Unless otherwise indicated in the instructions, dry the hair before coloring. Wet hair does not absorb paint properly and it is more difficult to evenly apply paint to it. If you wash your hair the day before painting, all you need to do is comb your hair well.


4. After dyeing, do not wash your hair with shampoo.

In fact, washing with shampoo immediately after dyeing can lead to partial loss of color and shine. Simply wash the paint with water and use an air conditioner. You do not want your shiny hair to lose a lively, bright shade? See how to properly wash your hair.


5.Protect everything else from stains.

I think, I am not the only one who manages to dye besides the hair also clothes, towels and everything else in sight. Cover something with clothes and use a simple inexpensive towel. If ink gets on your skin, use a mixture of lemon juice and skin cream to remove the marks. To avoid dying the forehead skin, spread the skin near the hair line with a small amount of petroleum jelly. Yes, petroleum jelly is good not only for cracked lips.


6. Thoroughly wash off the paint.

Wash your head with warm, but not hot water, and rinse your hair until the washable water is clean. Hot water can make the hair dry, brittle and tough, and the paint left on the hair can dye everything that your hair touches, besides, the hair will dry longer and remain sticky. Therefore, it is important to wash them thoroughly. And then you can dye your hair without dye.


7. Is the color too dark?

If the shade is darker than you wanted, try washing your hair with a simple shampoo. But first, make sure that the hair is completely dry, as the color of wet hair is very different from dry.Do not forget to use after washing the conditioner.


8. Buy a good shampoo and balsam conditioner.

If you are satisfied with the color obtained, use good hair care products after coloring, they will keep the color for a long time and protect your hair from the harmful effects of some dyes. I want my color to stay bright for a long time, so I use a good shampoo with color retention. A good way to choose the right product is to find a site dedicated to beauty and read reviews.


9. Do not repaint!

It should take at least two weeks before the next coloring, otherwise you risk damaging the hair, it will become brittle and brittle. Be sure to use the conditioner that usually comes with the paint, it protects and heals hair. From now on and always, use products designed to care for dyed hair. See what kind of paint to lighten the hair.


10. Dry your hair naturally.

Whenever possible, let the hair dry naturally, without using a hair dryer. Hot air can dry out and damage hair, not to mention the loss of color, and the protective agent remains on the hair, making it dull and lifeless.

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