How to determine your color pattern?

Nature was distributed in such a way that each person has a certain color range. We can change the hair color, eye color with the help of lenses, change the shape of the nose, and so on, but we cannot change the color type.

Our color palette determines not only our appearance, but also our mood, career prospects, and well-being. Knowledge of your color type allows you to correctly draw up your wardrobe, make a true make-up. Conditionally divided appearance into 4 color types: Spring, Winter, Summer, Autumn.

The order of determining the appearance of the color:

• it is impossible to determine the color type alone (it is human nature to distort data about yourself) • it is necessary to make diagnostics in daylight, and not artificial (artificial color strongly distorts colors and their shades) • it is necessary to determine standing in front of a large a mirror with proper daylight falling • hair must be hidden under a white kerchief, all makeup must be removed from your face,the skin should be completely cleared • mentally answer your questions: 1 what colors are natural for you? 2 what skin tone: with yellowness, pale blue, peachy, tender pink, olive?
3 what color do the hair have on the light (if they are not stained): ashy, render blue, give reddish, 4 how clean the face is: freckles, pigment spots, • you need to prepare different colors of pieces of material (you can scarves, scarves etc., only necessarily monophonic) • alternately apply to ourselves pieces of matter and determine m, what color is coming and what is not

It is reasonable to apply warm tones first, then cold ones. It is necessary to forget about what you like, we proceed only from what is combined and what is not. If you prefer more warm colors (peach), then you are Spring or Autumn, if it is cold (pale pink), then you are Summer or Winter. Once you have decided on warm or cold shades, you need to clearly understand the specific type. If the face is most suited lemon, bright blue, then you are Spring, if olive, dark blue - Autumn. Stylists divided all shades and colors according to the following principle:

1. warm and bright colors characterize the Spring 2.warm and muted colors define Autumn 3. cold and muted colors belong to Fly 4. cold and muted tones characterize Winter

When determining your color, you need to take into account its hue.

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