How to decorate the office for the New Year 2013

Office decoration for the New Year 2013

Office decoration for the New Year 2013. How to decorate the office for the New Year nice and fast?

It seems that everything is ready for the New Year's Eve: the garlands are hung, the decorated Christmas tree stands in all its glory, the streets are full of New Year's tinsel, colorful New Year's lights and so on. And only the office is striking in its despondency. But you can also decorate it so that even on working days a person feels the approach of a big holiday. The question arises: how to properly decorate the office for the New Year 2013? How to start decorating the office and what to do next? We have already told how to decorate an apartment for the New Year - read.


Pre-holiday office cleaning.



Start clearing office debris. If you have a cleaning woman, entrust this business to her, but if she doesn’t have it, you will have to do some work yourself. Do not be lazy and do not spare yourself. Remember, how you spend this holiday depends on your efforts, and, as you know, how to celebrate the New Year, so spend it. In order for the memories to be the best, you should not just wipe the dust and bring order to the closets, but also get out of your workplace. Shake all the pieces of paper out of the drawers that are no longer useful to you if you find old wrappers for chocolates or chocolates — throw them away too. Your desktop should not contain broken objects, such as pencils. "Clean up" also needs your computer: maybe there are any shortcuts or folders on the desktop that are not being used. Remove them. As a screensaver on the monitor, you can put some New Year's picture - this will remind you of the holiday.


Now we will understand how to decorate the office for the New Year 2013.



After cleaning, the main part goes - the decoration itself. How best to decorate the office to meet the New, 2013? It all depends, no matter how trite, on the budget that you have available. First of all - and most importantly - you need to find a competent designer who will do whatever you want for a certain amount of money. But every company owner understands that it’s not very smart to waste money in this way. It is best to leave this money with you and decorate the room with your own hands. In addition, it is fun and is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the staff, in an informal setting, so to speak.


How to decorate the office for the New Year 2013

How to decorate the office for the New Year with New Year's toys and decorations.


The main decoration of the office for the New Year- this is rigor. You can not decorate the office for the new year in the same way as it does in a store. If your company wants to have credibility, your customers should feel it. In order to decorate everything in a businesslike way, you can use the logo of the company or its corporate colors. You do not need to use so many colors, three will suffice, the main thing is that you feel harmony. In addition, note that the colors of 2013 - yellow, green, white, blue, dark blue, gold and black.


The snake is a symbol of the coming 2013, therefore among the ornaments there must be this symbol. In addition, the snake is a human patron who must bring happiness and good luck in the New Year!

Office Christmas tree should be on the New Year!



In addition, that you cheer yourself up on New Year's Eve, the holiday itself can provide you with additional advertising. For this is appropriate, what would you think - an ordinary New Year tree! You can decorate it in the colors of your company or even hang your products on it.For example, if your company makes business cards, place them in front of other decorations. However, most of these decorations can be made from stationery, for example, from colored paper you get excellent garlands. Paper clips are also a good option, aren't they?


You need to put the Christmas tree where there is free space. If there is enough space in your office, it’s fine, but if it’s not so much, you need to check if it doesn’t wake up the Christmas tree by preventing you from closing and opening the entrance doors or the cabinet doors. In other words, no need to put a Christmas tree in the aisle! If you just can not find free space, buy a desktop tree. Usually the forest beauty is placed near the entrance or reception, but if you have a hall, it will be even better. Besides the fact that your New Year's composition will attract the attention of customers, it will also improve their mood, and at the same time, the employees of the company. A Christmas tree can be natural or artificial, even made from colored paper - it does not matter, the main thing is that it has a good look. Nowadays, high-tech trees have become extremely popular. Even if you do not have the opportunity to put the Christmas tree, it can be replaced by potted plants.


Decorate the office for the New Year

It is possible to decorate the office for the New Year in such a way, as in the photo, with toys of your favorite animals.


It is not necessary to buy natural wood. Moreover, it is better that the tree is artificial. After all, it can be used for more than one year, it will not crumble and looks more respectable. To give such a spruce naturalness, sprinkle artificial snow on its branches - it is extremely beautiful!


Especially for you we have created a brief instruction that will help you decorate your office for the New Year:


  1. - to clean the room;
  2. - decorate your office using balls and tinsel. At the same time it is necessary to weave the logo of your company and its color into the composition;
  3. - place the Christmas tree near the entrance and decorate it with the products of your company, as well as decorations from stationery.


Well, that's all, after that your office has gained a festive look. Feel the Christmas mood? If yes, then you have reached your goal! Mark the New Year as best you can, and then return to the office its usual appearance.

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