How to deal with ex-husband?

The concepts of "legal marriage" and "unbreakable family union" have long been no longer synonymous. If in the olden days divorce was widely condemned by society, demanded compelling reasons and was considered a last resort regardless of the circumstances, today it is a common phenomenon. Divorce statistics all over the world is constantly growing; neither social programs, nor psychologists' conversations, nor the newlyweds school help. The phrases "ex-husband", "ex-wife" are increasingly found in our lives. However, if you get used to the prefix "former" is easy, then not everyone can calmly survive the separation from a loved one and establish a positive relationship.

The question of how to be with an ex-husband torments almost all the fair sex survivors of a divorce. Relationship divorced spouses in each case unique. Therefore, there is no universal model of behavior. The nature of the relationship is affected by: the reason for the divorce, the initiator of the gap, the presence of children, the presence of common property, common interests, hobbies, affairs, your financial situation, your ability to forgive and many other factors.

Extreme measures

If you are faced with family tyranny, then after a divorce, there is a desire to permanently erase a person from your life. But marriage is not a passing fad, and it is not so easy to erase it from memory. You already have too much in common with your ex-husband - children, friends, an apartment, a cat, and you will still see each other. In extreme cases, despite the stamp of divorce, the man may continue to be jealous and persecute you. And all attempts to find out why the ex-husband cannot leave you alone, end in scandals and even beatings, then you just need to change your place of residence. But it is worth striving to maintain good relations.

If you have children, remember - a divorce may have been a way for you to escape from the cage, but for the child the father’s care will forever be trauma. Try to have in his mind the image of the pope was good and bright. After all, a bad husband does not mean a bad parent, and it is very important for children to understand this and accept your new relationship with your ex-husband.

Let's try to return

Sometimes, the cause of a divorce can be a banal laziness and unwillingness to fight for love. After all, it is easier to let go, and now you are tired of filing meaningless rubbish and scandals, by mutual consent.Lonely life seems like a paradise, but after a while you realize that parting was the mistake, not the wedding. And having woken up one morning, you suddenly realize: I love my ex-husband? I want to return it! I want to start a new family life and never repeat past mistakes! In such a situation, it is important not to lose hope. Talk to your beloved, perhaps he, like you, repents the perfect. He went to the other - do not give up, a crying hysterical woman is unlikely to be able to return a man. Put yourself in order, pursue a career, study, have fun, have a rest, and even if you don’t return the former, you will not be alone for so long, beautiful, successful and strong. On the way to happiness, true love passes a lot of trials, and divorce is one of them, but it only gets stronger or crumbles forever.

It happens that both spouses understand that love has passed and family life will not succeed, and passion flares up with a new force. This is especially true for men. Become familiar, homely and docile wife leaves, and in her place there is a painfully familiar but alien and unapproachable woman. Sex with an ex-husband is a very common and very ambiguous phenomenon.Whether to succumb to temptation, relieve stress, or keep a defense depends solely on your desires, emotions, and needs.

Divorce may seem like the end of the world. In fact, this is only a painful birth of a new life stage. But the most profitable and enjoyable option is at the same time the most difficult. Relationships, when the former husband and wife are friends, are possible only when both spouses agree to reconcile with their past. This requires work on oneself, which not everyone can do. Remember all the good things in your relationship, happy moments that made you smile. Thank fate for all its lessons, analyze the reasons to avoid mistakes in the future and sincerely forgive offenses. After agreeing to a divorce, you decided to make changes - so try not to carry the burden of past mistakes into a new life. Start it from scratch and with new intentions. This will help to quickly find a new life partner.

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