How to deal with dry hands?

Every day the delicate skin of our hands suffers from external influences. When doing routine chores, be it gardening, cooking, general cleaning of the house, washing things, washing dishes or bathing pets, people use their hands. All these cases can quickly deprive the skin of softness and turn it into a dry and rough to the touch. Worst of all, when dry skin of the hands appears ahead of time.

What causes?

Of the three layers of skin, it is the epidermis that provides a waterproof barrier that protects against pathogens, ultraviolet light and prevents chemicals and other pollutants from entering the body.

Dry, cracked hands are a sign that the outer layer of skin is at risk. While the epidermis is programmed to maintain moisture, subsequent causes can have a serious effect on skin damage.

  • Water. During the day, hands lose moisture due to frequent use of water.
  • Dry airHands may be weathered at any time of the year, but in winter the most. It is dry cool winter air that pulls out all the moisture from the epidermis and draws patterns on hands in the form of pimples and caked blood.
  • Soap. Many commercial detergents and hand soaps destroy the integrity of the skin, which leads to a slowdown in the natural recovery processes and causes dryness.
  • Chemical components in products. Regular exposure to chemicals in everyday products, like cleansers, can quickly dry out the skin.

As soon as the epidermis begins to lose moisture, and you continue to come into contact with water, chemicals, soap, allergens or dry air, this speeds up the process that causes the skin on your hands to dry. Naturally, you can not use these tools. Then the question is brewing: what to do?

Wash your hands sensibly

Regular washing can dry the skin of the hands. However, it is also impossible to leave them dirty, since germs, bacteria and infections can affect your health. Thus, hands should be kept clean even when they are cracked.

The most effective way to avoid cracked hands is to wash them gently. Make sure that the water is warm.After all, hot water removes skin oil, which is intended to protect the upper shell of the hands. In addition, do not turn on too cold water, as it dries out the skin.

Use a detergent for the care of hands

Avoid the use of foaming or highly scented soaps. Look for moisturizing soap or choose handmade soap, which includes aloe vera, vitamin E and Himalayan pink salt. Stay away from alcohol-based toners and products that contain alpha-hydroxy acids found in some anti-aging creams.

Wear gloves

It is often very difficult to limit the time the hands are in the water, especially when work requires it. If "preventing is easier than curing", then why aggravate the situation? That is why, you should wear gloves when you clean the house or do landscape design. For a few cold months, a good pair of leather gloves will protect your hands from weathering.

The best way to fight dry hands is with natural ingredients. Rejuvenating home remedies will help to quickly restore skin elasticity to the hands.


Want your hands to look young forever? Honey will help to do it! Its antibacterial properties will help to maintain the moisture of the skin, as well as prevent aging.


Bunting is not the favorite food of many, but is ideal for dry hands! This is a special exfoliating agent that prevents dryness and moisturizes the skin. In addition, oatmeal is rich in protein, which allows water to remain in the skin.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice works wonders when it comes to dealing with dryness. It is rich in potassium, which can rejuvenate dry skin. Vitamin C content eliminates wrinkles.

To get rid of dead cells, you need to rub your hands with a cleansing scrub every week. Here are some simple folk remedies:

  • Cup soda + ½ cup coconut oil;
  • 3 tbsp. l. coffee grounds + 1 tbsp. l. grape seed oil;
  • Cup brown sugar + ¼ cup olive oil.

In most cases, people suffer from dry and cracked hands, but do not attach much importance to this. However, to prevent undesirable effects, use the above tips.

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