How to deal with aphids on seedlings, folk remedies for aphids

How to deal with aphids on seedlings

How to deal with aphids on seedlings

With the onset of summer, gardeners and truck farmers begin to struggle for the future harvest. On this way, many difficulties await them: dry or too rainy summer, poor-quality seeds, insufficiently fertile land.


But year after year, various insects trying to profit from plants become the most terrible enemy. How to get rid of aphids on plants and flowers - in our article.


Where does aphid come from?


Biologists carry aphid to the order of hemiptera and total about 4000 pests. To our chagrin, 1000 of them live in Europe.


The parasite begins to multiply in early spring and continues its harmful activity until late autumn. Almost all garden and garden crops are in danger, because aphid feeds on their juices, which as a result leads to a slowdown in growth and deformation of the plant, to the fact that the ovaries die.


In addition, the aphid carries dangerous viruses, and only one individual is enough for infection.The difficulty of fighting insects lies in the fact that they reproduce extremely fast and reliably hide inside twisted leaves. In addition, it is not always easy to determine that the perpetrator of the damage is aphids. But if you succeed, start processing immediately.


Than to process a aphid?


To the great joy of plant breeders, aphids have a fairly soft shell and virtually any chemical substance for it is fatal. It is only important to choose the right moment of attack on insects.


Sprinkle the trees in the early spring, when the leaves have not yet blossomed. Fruit shrubs are worth processing, when the kidneys on them just burst, in about three weeks it is necessary to carry out preventive work.


How to deal with aphids on seedlings


Do not forget that the dead aphids from the trunk of a tree or shrub need to be washed off, but if you cut the leaves or branches from an infected plant, then in no case should they be left in the garden, it is better to take it outside the fence and burn it.


The simplest chemical preparations are a soap solution and a solution of ammonia in the proportion of a tablespoon per bucket of water.


If they do not help, then you should resort to the use of chemistry.For example, Konfidor is capable of not only destroying aphid, but feeding the leaves. Also effective drugs: Aktara, Sniper, insecticides Karbofos, Tanrek, Intravir, Aktellik.


The most effective folk remedies for aphids


If you do not like to use aggressive chemicals and are afraid that they will affect the taste and quality of the crop, you can use the proven old-fashioned methods, they have not let anyone down yet.

So, an effective infusion of aphids is the infusion of horseradish roots and leaves, soda solution (1 tbsp per liter of water, you can add rubbed soap), an infusion of ash.


To useful broths include broth pepper, rhubarb, celandine, mustard, garlic, yarrow. Afraid of aphids and infusion of onions. Nature itself helps to fight harmful insects. Such plants as basil, various types of aconite, henbane, elder, spruce, pine, thermopsis are your best helpers.


In order not to resort to treatment, it is better to take care of prevention. In order for your seedlings not to suffer from aphids, follow these simple rules: check the ground carefully, buy soil better,grow seedlings yourself or purchase them in proven places, process the plants as early as possible, constantly fight the ants in the garden area, the smaller they will be, the faster the aphid will hatch.

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