How to cure rhinitis in a child

Most often, a runny nose is a symptom, not a separate disease. And the cause should be treated, and not the excreta themselves, since they are a protective reaction of the organism to the effects of a bacterial or viral agent. Do not use for the treatment of rhinitis in children vasoconstrictor and antibiotics. Moisturize the nasal passages and regularly cleanse them of mucus. After cleaning the nose, rinse with clean, warm water or a medicinal solution.
To moisturize the nasal mucosa do irrigation with saline, infusions of herbs or sea salt. These same fluids help reduce the viscosity of mucus. Apply solutions with aromatic oils. If self-evacuation of the contents of the nasal passages is difficult, use special pears to suck it off.
If nasal discharge frombaby�not abundant, then folk remedies will be useful. Bury in the nasal passages an aqueous solution of honey or soda with a drop of aromatic oil (eucalyptus,peppermint, etc.). If there is no allergy, you can lubricate the outer part of the nostrils with such oil. Steam inhalations are very effective. Use for these purposes solutions of herbs (raspberry leaves, viburnum, currants, chamomile, eucalyptus). Even the simple inhalation of hot steam will greatly facilitate breathing.
If the body temperature is not elevated, you can make the child a medical bath. 25-50 grams of grass after pouring boiling water and infusion dissolve in warm water in the bathroom and let the kid accept this procedure for at least 20 minutes.
Make a foot bath. To do this, brew medicinal herbs (sage, calendula, birch leaves, raspberry) in the amount of 1 tbsp. spoon for two liters of water. Water should be 38-40 degrees, the duration of the procedure is 30 minutes. After that, be sure to wrap upbaby�and put to bed.
If within three days conditionbaby�does not improve, there will be headaches and periodic temperature rises, urgently contact a pediatric otolaryngologist.

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