How to create a local server?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
October 9, 2014
How to create a local server?

Many gamers (players) prefer to use their own server for games on the Internet with their like-minded friends. It’s not so easy to create your own local server, start it and connect it, but it’s possible.

Server creation

First you need the program itself to create local area networks on the Internet. You can use the Hamachi software for this.

If you want to create a local server for the game Minecraft, then, of course, you must have it installed.

  1. Using the software product, you will create a server - Minecraft server. It can be downloaded from the official site completely.
  2. Java server must be installed on the computer for the server to work. At the first start of the server, many files and folders with data will be formed.
  3. In the file, which contains the basic parameters of the created server, you need to write the following information: The IP address of the server that is provided by the software Hamachi during registration, the number of gamers,the presence of a variety of game modes (“player versus player”, “player versus the rest of the world”), in the “online-mode” mode set the value to “true” and others.
  4. Then save the entered data and close the file itself. Do not forget to create a server on the local network, you must determine the internal IP-address. Of course, in order for other players to connect to the server, their workstations must be connected to the server computer via a local network. For them, the IP address of the server is the internal IP address of the computer on which, in fact, the server was created. It is preferable that the local IP address is static or tied to the Mac address.
  5. Login to the game takes place through the Minl2 software application. This will eliminate all sorts of failures during authorization. When registering, specify a username and password. Add your skin.
  6. You should update the game by logging in to the server. Log out of the server, and then re-enter the off-line game using the specified login.
  7. In the menu, go to the multiplayer and enter the IP address of the server.
  8. There are cases when the game freezes when updating. This is due to the technical work carried out by providers.

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