How to create a charitable foundation?

Today we will talk about the issue is not idle, namely: how to create a charitable foundation? I will say right away: the creation process itself is not so complicated, and we will describe it in the first chapter. The difficulties begin later, and the most important thing is to decide: are you ready for them? But for this you need to first get acquainted with them, what the subsequent parts of the article will be devoted to. However, if your intention is more than serious and constant, you will succeed.

How to register a charity fund

Registration of a charitable foundation (hereinafter - BF) will take you exactly one month and will cost about 25-30 thousand rubles. Here is a list of documents required for registration of a BF:

  • a statement of intent to create a BF (may be filed within 3 months of the decision being taken);
  • 3 copies of constituent documents and 2 copies of information about the founders;
  • document confirming the payment of state. duties (receipt);
  • information about the address where the executive body of the BF will be located;

You may also need other documents about which you will be informed by representatives of the registering organization. By the way, you can entrust the registration process and a third-party organization (although you have to pay extra), and you can do everything yourself. In this case, you need to apply with the specified package of documents to a local authority under the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.

How to organize a charitable foundation: problems

Well, now the promised difficulties. You are ready? Excellent. The difficulties are primarily associated with the effective promotion and operation of the Baltic Fleet. Philanthropy and other qualities that prompted you to create a foundation is fine, but ... if you only have this - right, you should not even try to create a foundation, offer your services to the existing ones. And in order to organize the BF itself, there are few good intentions. Here it is necessary, first of all, to think about the professional organization of activities, as well as about the management process and even about competition (do not be surprised, it is also in the field of philanthropy, which is really good). Starting capital - it is certainly your desire to selflessly create good, deeply rooted in your mind.But then your organizational skills, tangible assets and a deep understanding of the topic of charity should come into play. No matter how strange it may seem to you, but managing a BF is exactly the same business process as any other organization’s management, but the difference in the final product, namely, specific assistance to those in need, does not simplify the task, as you understand. - the opposite. And even if you have a successful experience in managing your own business, this does not mean at all that you will manage to manage (of course, effective) BF. There is, moreover, a mass of examples in which people preferred other forms of providing benefits to society than the creation of a BF. This is a free provision of various services to those in need, and teaching in orphanages or volunteering, as well as other forms. Even many famous people do not create their own CFs, but join already existing organizations - probably, they do it for a reason.

How to open a charitable foundation: reputation

It is good if you have a good reputation in the community or even you are a well-known person.However, if you still do not have social achievements, you will have to work hard and go a long way to becoming in society, having proved your professional suitability by deeds. Even worse, if your fame is questionable. Again - doubtful for society. It’s just that our world is built in such a way that if you, say, a model or have scandalous fame, no one will believe you at first. People, unfortunately, for the most part are very susceptible to the influence of stereotypes. Well, what was the desire to organize your own CF? Go ahead! To earn credibility in charity is a real, but not quick, achievement, so you need to be patient and start with small, but real projects. This is like a credit history in a bank - a person paid everything on time, which means that he can be trusted. So here: have implemented several small projects, which means that they will be able to trust you with something larger already.

More about pitfalls

Do not forget that you are still new to both sponsors and donors. Try to make them believe your even the most good and pure intentions and knock out grants or private donations for some even small charity projects! Even the most masterly mastery of oratory will not help here, because to prove to a novice that he is better than those BF,who have already taken on the implementation of similar tasks and solved them very, very difficult, but what can I say - is unreal. Therefore, moderate appetites and try to solve at least some feasible problems, and then move on to bigger ones. Here a non-standard approach to solving various social problems can help, as well as original solutions for the implementation of their ideas. But this is given to units, and I absolutely do not exaggerate.

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