How to cook sushi?

Sushi is a Japanese traditional dish that has been loved by many Russians. Sushi can be made independently or ordered to your home. To order sushi simply - it is necessary to enter into the search engine, for example: "Sushi - Chelyabinsk" and you will be given many offers from restaurants, sushi - bars and cafes that offer delicious sushi and rolls. Sushi can be served at a friendly party, lunch or a romantic evening - they never get bored.

At home, making sushi is not so difficult as it seems. Of course, the first "pancake" can turn out to be a lump, but from this sushi will not become less tasty. In the future, you will acquire the dexterity and necessary skills in preparing this dish, and you will easily and quickly make different kinds of sushi, pleasing your family and guests. Usually the process of cooking this dish takes 1-1.5 hours. The most important thing in this business is to cook rice correctly.
Rice is the main component of sushi. Having learned to cook rice, you take the first step to success. There are some subtleties in cooking rice. So, you will need: special rice for sushi, seasoning for rice, water, a pot with a thick bottom and seaweed kombu.Wash the rice to clear water, dry for 0.5-1 hour, pour it into the pan, pour water according to the instructions on the package, add the kombu at will, put it on high heat and bring to a boil. Then take out the kombu and put on a very small fire. Boil rice should be with the lid closed until the water evaporates.

Next, remove the pan from the heat, let stand 15 minutes and begin to prepare sushi. Remember, in case of failure there is a fast sushi delivery, and free, where you will be offered different types of sushi and rolls. We shift the rice into a bowl, add a rice vinegar dressing, carefully and gently stir it in a chopping motion. Sushi is made from warm rice.
Sushi with tuna, onions and cucumber

Needed: prepared rice, nori, green onions, tuna, cucumber. Cucumber and fish cut into small slices. Put a nori (3/4 sheet) on a special mat for making sushi - makis down with the smooth side. Spread rice on a nori with a thin layer, leaving an empty 1 cm strip of nori. If you use raw fish for the filling, you should smear the rice with wasabi paste.
Know that for the filling you can not take frozen fish, only fresh.Put the stuffing on rice: cucumber, green onion, tuna. With the help of makisa, we gently fold the roll, holding the filling with your hands. That's all! Cut into 8 parts roll and serve to households or guests with ginger and wasabi. Thus, you can cook sushi with any arbitrary combinations of toppings.

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