How to cook fish in convection oven

You will need
    • convection oven;
  • a fish;
  • vegetables
  • spice.
Sea Bass Rolls Take a sea bass fillet with salt, pepper, sprinkle with finely chopped dill and parsley, a few thin slices of lemon and a little chopped garlic. Slices of fillet with a filling roll up rolls, fasten them with a toothpick, spread on the middle of the grill and bake at a temperature of 205 degrees and an average fan speed of fifteen minutes.
Salmon steaks Take salmon steaks and rub them on both sides with salt and olive oil. One side of salmon, rub with a mixture of Provencal herbs and sprinkle with salmon and lemon juice. Bake steaks on a medium grid for twenty minutes, at a temperature of 235 degrees with an average fan speed. For the sauce: very finely chop the dill and grind it with garlic and salt. Mix the mixture with sour cream.
Venetian-style mackerel Take a ready fillet, sprinkle it with spices and place it on the upper grill of an air-grill, pre-oiled, and cook at a temperature of two hundred degrees half an hour.While cooking, gently invert the fillet when golden brown crust forms. Take a large flat dish and pour a little olive oil on the bottom, sprinkle it with parsley, peel a few cloves of garlic and spread, let it brew. Lay out readya fishon a dish, salt, pepper and leave for twenty minutes.
Fish in batter Cut 600 g of fillet into portions, rub them with salt, pepper and one teaspoon of cardamom. Take a bunch of dill chop it and sprinkle with fillet. Take two eggs and whip them with salt, add four tablespoons of flour and 150 ml of milk to the mixture and mix thoroughly.

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