How to connect WI-FI router

How to connect WI-FI

How to connect and configure a WI-FI router.

Talk about how to set up wi-fi began for more than one year. But then it was somewhat new. Now the wi-fi router is installed in half of the apartments. You can give the command to the laptop or tablet to connect to the Internet and see how many networks are available. True, they are almost all under the password. But it's not that. And the fact that Wi-Fi has already entered our lives and without this technology it is difficult to imagine a working day or home evening rest.


How to set up wi-fi



But even despite the high prevalence, it is not easier to configure the wi-fi router. Still need to know a lot, read and check with the provider. Setting up wi-fi on a laptop is one thing, and not complicated. But the use of the router may be accompanied by a number of problems. In part, this may be due to the fact that there is now a large selection of such devices. Although about 80% of the settings for different models are the same, there are no less problems with this. Devices appear that allow multiple devices to be combined into one network.Consequently, in all this variety of models it is necessary to at least a little orient oneself, to know their merits, and most importantly, their disadvantages. To be able to choose the option that is acceptable for your conditions and requirements.


I hope it became clear to you that within one article it’s impossible to provide all the information on how to set up wifi. But it is possible and necessary to dwell on the main points. If you understand the general principle, then any user will be able to understand further. Even the "kettle".


Consider the situation. You are the owner of a computer connected to the Internet. Over time, it became necessary to connect to the world wide web of the newly acquired laptop. Someone somewhere said that you can connect it to the network without wires and walk around the apartment. You did not lie. Laptops have this opportunity, and a stationary computer is another matter. There is no such possibility in it. You can use a stationary machine as an access point. Or purchase a wireless router. Consider both of these options.

  • The first option using a desktop computer is cheaper. You will need to purchase a special wi-fi card. It is installed in the slot on the motherboard.The downside of this method is that to work with a laptop should keep your computer turned on and connected to the Internet.
  • Somewhat more expensive will be the second method. The cost of the router varies from the model, capabilities and appetite of the trading network and is not less than 40 American money. But in this case, you only include what you need.

Now more about each method. In the first case, you will have to purchase the adapter to a computer or laptop (if it is not provided there). Setting in this case should not cause problems. Modern manufacturers make everything happen automatically and as simply as possible. It is only necessary to determine the type of adapter - external or internal. For installation in a stationary computer, it would be better to use an internal adapter. It is somewhat cheaper and is installed once and, practically, forever. For a laptop, an external adapter would be preferable. It is compact, but also costs more.


Install the adapter in the motherboard slot or in the USB connector of the laptop. Next, set up a home network. The details of this process can be viewed in the videos.After a few steps (the inclusion of adapters on devices) a home network is created on the main network. It remains to give the name of this network, set the password, choose the method of protection. Then the second internet consumer is configured. To do this, the settings indicate "automatically get the connection settings" or something like that. Press the execution and wait for the device to find your network. The next step is to enter a password. And you can enjoy the beauty of working with wi-fi.




But it is in words only so easy. In fact, you will have to face some problems, look for errors, options for obtaining an ip address, etc. Not once will have to go through all the settings in search of any gaps. In different versions of operating systems, some folders will be called differently. For additional security, you can set not only a complex password, but also register the address of only your laptop in the settings of the Mac. Even if the neighbors somehow find out the access password, this will give them nothing. Home network will not "cooperate" with the "stranger".


How to setupwifi router



The second option is getting wi-fi using a wireless router or router.To do this, you need to purchase the router directly - this is a small box with an antenna (or several). It is placed on a table or mounted on a wall and will not disturb anyone. The most important thing is choosing a router. On sale there are many. Be wary of such a purchase. To set up some models, there are many instructions on the Internet and videos in YouTube, and you will not find information on some of the afternoon with fire. So it’s worthwhile to determine not only the parameters of the router, but also the models. Maybe you should consult with friends who already have a router. The seller in the computer store will not refuse consultation.


So, bought a router. The next step - according to the instructions, we connect the device to the Internet source and to the power supply network. The instruction should indicate the address to which you should go and make the initial settings. Each model of the router has its own settings, sometimes radically different from the other, but the principle is about the same everywhere. True, some information will have to be clarified with your provider.


Setting up wi-fi on windows xp or 7 is no different. You don’t need to know anything before the “Control Panel” item.All parameters are entered into the interface of the router. Exhibited information about the choice of ip address, dns, subnet mask and the nature of the connection. All this information is taken from the memo.


Next will create a wi-fi network with its name and password. Determined "their" for her. Then comes the turn to configure wi fi in the laptop. To do this, turn it on and in the settings we specify "get the network parameters automatically". This was shown in the video.


In order to configure wi fi on the PDA, you should do the same. The device turns on and the home network with the desired name is searched. After entering the password, access to Internet resources will be opened.


You should do the same when connecting to a wi-fi e-book, mobile phone, tablet computer or another laptop.


And questions about how to configure wifi on the tablet generally disappear. On this device, everything is done so simply that you just need to enter the correct password and that's it.


Do not be afraid of new technologies. Everything just seems scary or complicated. You have read this article, and now it will not be a problem to set up a wi-fi point. It will take a couple of hours, which will later be forgotten, and you will be able to use Wi-Fi for a very, very long time. You need to try to make your life more comfortable and more pleasant.

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