How to connect to the Internet through MTS

How to connect to the Internet via MTS photoInternet via phone or modem

We connect the Internet from MTS



Fixed Internet connection is not available everywhere or always. But the reception area of ​​GPRS / EDGE / 3G is almost everywhere. So MTS subscribers have the opportunity to connect their stationary computer or laptop to the Internet using their mobile phone or using a USB modem. Now we will understand how to connect to the Internet through the MTS.


You will need:
• phone with GPRS / EDGE / 3G support;
• USB-modem MTS;
• MTS coverage area.


Internet using MTS Modem



Get a USB-modem in the MTS salon. Insert it into a free port on your computer. The necessary drivers will be installed on the computer automatically. All the parameters required for the Internet connection are also set in the firmware.


Select your preferred connection type. The choice should be made based on the stability of the reception area. To connect / disconnect the connection, use the corresponding button in the menu.


Internet using the phone on the MTS



Connect your mobile phone to your computer in any way convenient for you: via a data cable, Bluetooth or infrared. Install drivers if necessary. Software must be supplied with the phone upon purchase. When connecting via a data cable, select the appropriate mode in the phone menu (phone mode, Internet access mode, etc. - the specific name depends on your phone model, it can be specified in the technical documentation).


Configure the resulting modem. To do this, make the transition: the menu "Start" - "Control Panel" - "Phone and modem". In the window that opens, select the "Modems" tab. Find the connected modem in the list. Select it and click on the "Properties" button. If the modem is not displayed, check the phone connection. If it does not help, reinstall the drivers.


Select the Advanced Communication Options tab. In the "Advanced Initialization Parameters" field, enter:
AT + CGDCONT = 1, "IP", ""
To save the settings, click "OK".


Create a new internet connection. To do this, in Windows 7 in the Control Panel, select the corresponding option in the Network and Sharing Center menu.


Select in the opened window the item “Telephone connection setting”.In the menu that appears, click on the modem you need.


Fill in the fields in the window that opens:
• Dial number: * 99 #
• Username: mts
• Password: mts
Connection name for the established connection can specify any. Checkboxes in the appropriate boxes can also be put on request. Click on the "Connect" button. Connection is ready.


Connect / disconnect the created Internet connection via the menu on the Taskbar. There you can view the status of the connection and its properties.


Useful tips for connecting to the Internet:


In other versions of Windows, the computer is configured in the same way. Detailed instructions are available on the MTS website.

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