How to connect the caller ID?

Sometimes you have to face such moments when an important call is missed or you are urgently called, and you were busy or disconnected. For these moments, there is a service "Caller ID". It determines the number of the caller, and stores this information in the phone. If the phone was turned off, an SMS notification of the caller comes. How to activate the "Caller ID" service on Megaphone, Beeline, MTS and, is there such a service for home phones? We will try to open the question.


Let's start with the Beeline operator. The service "Caller ID" for this operator, in addition to determining the numbers of incoming calls, has a couple more privileges. It allows for each of the contacts to establish their own individual melody, which they will listen to instead of beeps during the call. The second privilege is the ability to find out the numbers of the last callers whose calls were received or missed.

This service is activated by several options:

  • from the website of the company Beeline,
  • by calling the subscriber service center at 0611,
  • dialing on your phone: 067409061 + call,
  • using the following command: * 110 * 061 # + call,
  • visiting the company office in your city.

All methods are free and do not require a subscription fee. This service will not be able to identify those numbers that have called from a secret number or are connected to the “AON” service (the anti-identifier of the number).


In the Megafon network, the number identifier is automatically activated when you start using a SIM card, but if it works incorrectly or intermittently, you can try to correct the situation in the following ways:

  • by calling the support center at 0500,
  • from ,
  • visiting the company office in your city.

This service is free and does not charge a subscription fee. Also, this service does not identify those numbers that were hidden and connected to the "Number Caller ID" service.


The "Caller ID" service is also provided to MTS subscribers free of charge, the monthly fee is also not needed. You can activate the service in the MTS network in the following ways:

  • by calling the MTS subscriber support center at 0890 and contacting a specialist,
  • dialing the number 0880, and following the prompts of the robot,
  • accelerated connection by dialing 08802441 + call,
  • by contacting the nearby MTS office.

Home phone

Modern home phones usually already have a built-in caller ID. If there is no embedded, then the connection is possible:

  • in the subscriber department of your telephone company (for a fee),
  • acquiring the identifier connected to the phone through the wires,
  • by calling your telephone company's subscription service.

Before, you just need to look at the instructions for the phone and you may need to change only the settings. I note that the service "Caller ID" for mobile operators should be enabled by default. If it doesn’t work, check the settings of the telephone itself before calling the customer service. I hope I was able to help you with how to connect the caller ID.

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