How to collect curtains?

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How to collect curtains?

Today there are a huge number of types of curtains. For a particular room you need to pick up certain curtains that most fit into the interior. Today we will talk about the different options for draping curtains.

Types of curtains and ways to drape them

When buying curtains, follow the advice given in the article How to choose curtains to wallpaper - they will help you make the right choice.

  1. Classic straight curtains are the most popular and common types of curtains. They are great for spacious living rooms, bedrooms, offices. Straight curtains are perfectly combined with different styles of interior, and also do not need additional decor, but at the same time they are easier to drape, unlike other types of curtains.
  2. Curtains in the background are a great addition to the classic style of the room interior. They look good in the kitchen, in the bedroom, small rooms. Curtains with grab are able to decorate any room, creating an atmosphere of comfort and coziness.Of course, the most important thing is to make the right pickup. There are several options for how this can be done: c using cloth and ribbons, decorative rings made of plastic, metal, etc. Grabbing can be done from the side, bottom, middle, and even asymmetrically. The most common pickup - just below a third of the window.
  3. The most original and diverse ways you can collect the curtains, which are called Puffs. The curtains, which received this name, have an unusual shape, resembling something the clothes of ministers in the ancient Catholic Church. The meaning of drapery is to pull the curtain in one or several places, thereby creating a volume. Puffs are well suited for rooms with high ceilings, are widely used in the interior in the English style, as well as in rooms where there are huge vases with lush bouquets of flowers.

How to pick up curtains with a magnet

The most popular method is draping with a magnet.

The principle is simple - any edge of the curtains can be assembled with magnets, it is not needed to anythingcurtainsto attach, they magnetically to each other, creating the desired drape. So, we collect several folds on the curtain, then we embrace them with a magnet. The outer folds can be pulled out a little more to form an overlap of the curtains.Drapery can be made anywhere in the curtains.

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