How to choose the perfect bedroom set?

The bedroom will be comfortable, harmonious and stylish if for its arrangement to use a bedroom set. But before you go to a furniture store, figure out how to make the right choice.

Set or individual pieces of furniture?

If you still doubt that you need a set, rather than individual pieces of furniture, then consider all the advantages of this solution:

  • In the headset all the pieces of furniture are designed in such a way that they are not just combined, but to some extent complement each other.
  • The set consisting of the elements issued in one style and, as a rule, in one color scale, will look harmoniously and will ideally fit into a bedroom interior.
  • Having made one purchase, you will be able to fully equip and design a comfortable and functional bedroom. You do not need to buy any items.
  • If you buy a custom-made headset, it will harmoniously fit into the room, provide comfort and functionality of the bedroom, as well as hide all the flaws and emphasize the advantages favorably.
  • By purchasing a modern modular suite, you can change the location of its individual elements and, thus, update the interior of the bedroom.

There are also disadvantages:

  • Typically, headsets are quite expensive: often more than a kit that has the same composition, but assembled on its own.
  • Most headsets are impressive in size and are meant for spacious bedrooms. But there are exceptions.
  • Many options involve a fixed configuration, that is, a certain structure and location, while individual items can be used and combined in different ways.

We consider the individual components of the headset.

What does a bedroom furniture set consist of? There are different options for a complete set, but a standard bedroom set should certainly include a bed, bedside tables (usually two), as well as a closet for storage. And fashionable and modern kits offer an expanded filling, suggesting the presence in the bedroom of a dresser, dressing table and pouf, sometimes banquettes.

Below will be discussed the main components and their important characteristics.


The main and most important place in the room is, of course, a bed - a bed. It is better to choose a double model, even if at the moment you are alone. The first thing you should pay attention to is the size. The width can range from 140-160 centimeters to 180, 200 and more. The length is usually 1.9-2.1 m, and the height is unlimited.

Pay attention to the individual parts. The legs are optional, and sometimes they are missing or replaced with drawers. The headboard gives the bed a majestic appearance and denotes it in space, but it is also not mandatory.


Ordinary wardrobes go out of fashion, and they are replaced by more practical, compact, stylish and roomy coupe models. They organically fit into any interior and help save space, and stylish facades refresh and complement the design of the bedroom.

Bedside cabinets

In a bedroom designed for two people, as a rule, a couple of bedside tables are used: one on each side of the bed. Such pieces of furniture can have different sizes, be added with shelves or drawers, be built into a sleeping place or harmoniously join it.But it is quite possible to do without bedside tables; only one is allowed.

Chest of drawers

The bedside and underwear are usually stored in the dresser, and it is also possible to place cosmetics or accessories on it. But to some, this piece of furniture seems unnecessary and old-fashioned, and it really is not required if there is a spacious wardrobe.

Dressing table and pouf

The dressing table can be present in the bedroom: it is convenient to arrange cosmetics and arrange decorations on it. In addition, this place is used for applying makeup or cosmetic procedures, and it is really convenient. And it is better to supplement the table with a comfortable pouf or, for example, with a more spacious stool.

Important selection criteria

To determine the final decision and make the right decision when buying, be guided by the following criteria:

  • Dimensions. They are entirely dependent on the area of ​​the bedroom: if its dimensions allow, you can buy a massive and elegant headsets. And if the room is small, it is necessary to give preference to compact furniture.
  • Materials The most noble, reliable, durable and, accordingly, expensive material is, of course, solid wood.But wooden furniture has an impressive weight, and can also be exposed to moisture and other unfavorable conditions. More affordable, but no less practical and durable material - veneer. Also modern headsets are made of laminated chipboard and MDF.
  • Colour. A dark suite can look gloomy and overload the space, while a light one, on the contrary, will make the bedroom more comfortable and airy. Bright tones are best avoided, they are often annoying and interfere with sleep. Acceptable and welcome combinations of different shades: both harmonious and classic, and stylish contrast.
  • The decor should not be plentiful, it will make the headset inappropriate pretentious. But glossy or mirror facades, contrasting inserts, original accessories are quite possible.
  • Functionality. The modern interior should be not only attractive and stylish, but also functional and providing comfort. And even such a room as a bedroom can perform several functions: to provide a place to sleep, to provide a storage area, to be used for relaxation or work.
  • Bedroom decoration.Since the headset is an integral part of this room, it must fit into its interior and match its style. So, laconic wooden facades are elegant classics, forging elements will complement the bedroom in the rococo or baroque style, and plastic and metal will underline the modernity of the high-tech direction.


Finally, some useful tips for those who have not yet chosen a bedroom set:

  1. To keep abreast of fashion trends, it is worth considering examples and photos presented in magazines on interior design. And yet chasing after the latest trends and blindly follow them is not necessary: ​​remember that the classic, impeccable taste and elegance are always relevant.
  2. Before you buy, do not forget to make measurements of the bedroom and draw up a plan for the placement of furniture to pick up a set that fits in size, does not take up all the free space and fits perfectly into the interior.
  3. Choosing the appropriate option, proceed, first of all, from your personal preferences and requirements. So, if you do not need a chest of drawers, then give it up. And if you have long dreamed of a dressing table, then try to find a place for it.

By choosing a suitable bedroom suite, you can transform a bedroom and make it not only comfortable, but also stylish and functional.

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