How to choose and wear trousers in a cage?

Fashion is cyclical. And after a certain period of time, things that were in the trend ten to twenty years ago reappear in the wardrobe of fashionistas. Today, checkered trousers are at the peak of popularity. On the peculiarities of drawing up the image with them and tell you next.

Do not make mistakes

The real checkered boom started in Europe in the middle of the 19th century. At that time the Queen of Great Britain Victoria decided to diversify the interior of the palace with geometric patterns. She was so carried away that very soon the cell was almost everywhere, and successfully migrated even into clothes.

This season fantasy designers can only envy. They offer women a huge number of models, among which everyone can find their ideal option:

  • straight cut with arrows - the perfect office option;
  • flared - suitable for girls of any body size, the main thing is to choose the right style (from the hip it is suitable high, from the knee to those who want to visually make smaller wide hips and sides);
  • 7/8 is a universal option that will complement both business style and suitable for casual images;
  • skinny - tight-fitting trousers for girls, which can be safely worn with both sports shoes and classic pumps;
  • Chinos - loose cotton or linen pants for an informal pastime.

But so that the trousers in the cage fit perfectly into the image, it is necessary to take into account, first of all, the features of the figure. So, for the type of figure "pear", such a detail of clothing is not recommended, because it visually makes the lower part of the body more. But on girls with narrow hips, she will sit perfectly, adding a little volume.

Women with magnificent forms should stop their choice on the classic models, which, although they give a little rigor, but at the same time make them slimmer.

But not only body proportions are important in the selection process, but also age. According to this parameter, plaid pants need to be able to properly combine with other details of clothing:

  1. 25-40 years old - you can afford bright images, and pick a bright top for fashionable pants in a cage.
  2. 45+ - from motley it is better to refuse in favor of monophonic jackets, blouses, sweaters.

We select a pair

Since plaid trousers are a special thing, and in themselves a “highlight” of the image, you should very carefully look for a pair of them. Here are a few win-win options:

  1. For narrow pants, stylists recommend selecting a multi-layered top. A turtleneck, a military-style shirt, a sweatshirt and a leather jacket or overcoat dressed over your top will create a great casual look. In the cold season you can add to it a stylish cap and scarf.
  2. In spring and summer, slim girls can wear short tops with a checkered bottom. But provided that the latter will have a high landing.
  3. A black jacket is a basic thing that fits perfectly in both business and casual style. In addition, this top can be the basis for experiments with the color of the cell on the pants - red, blue, gray, and even green.
  4. Checkered suit. This is quite appropriate, and the top can be represented not only by a jacket, but also by a top or waistcoat. The main condition in this case is the identity of the figure. Stylists argue that you can try to combine different options, but we would still leave this opportunity to professionals.
  5. “Scottish” print pants will look harmoniously with a white shirt, male cut.And with a beret, you can get an image in the best traditions of classic fashion canons.
  6. Brave girls designers recommend choosing the top polka dots, stripes or flowers. The time has passed when they were considered unsuitable for things in a cage. Fashion gurus are advised not to be afraid, and to create their own, unique style. But the main thing is to keep the pants in the center of the bow.

As for shoes, the choice is quite large - pumps, loafers, moccasins and even sneakers. It all depends on what style you are thinking of creating an image next time. For the grunge style, for example, massive lace-up boots are ideal, as shown in the photo, and urban look can be complemented with neat snickers.

Pants in a cage turn any image into a trendy and spectacular, which makes women of the whole world incredibly bribe. But it is worth remembering that the wrong choice can play a cruel joke with the owner of such a piece of clothing. Carefully and competently approach the process of buying, and it will surely please you.

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