How to choose and fashionable to wear a sheepskin coat?

The winter will come very soon, and frost will come with it. And that means it's time to get ready and buy warm clothes. For example, having bought a sheepskin coat, you will not only forget about the cold, but also become a real queen. And how to choose and wear such a thing?

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How to make the right choice?

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So, how to choose a sheepskin coat? Here's what you should pay attention to first:

  1. Material. In general, all materials can be divided into artificial and natural. Artificial double, of course, will be much cheaper, but in the cold it is unlikely to warm, and will not last long. A natural quality double will serve you faithfully for several seasons, warming it in frosts and pleasing its impeccable appearance, which will last a long time, provided it is properly maintained. As a rule, all natural sheepskin coats are made from so-called fur velor - sheep skins that have undergone special processing. But fur velor is made in different countries, so there are differences.For example, Turkish or Russian skins are considered the warmest, strongest and most practical. But at the same time the thing will be more difficult. The same qualities are different British and Australian fur velor. Lighter skins are Spanish and Italian, but they will hardly be frost-resistant and warm. These coats are designed for a warm winter.
  2. As for fur, almost anyone can be used for decoration, so everything will depend on your taste preferences and financial possibilities. To assess the quality of the fur, grasp its part with your hand and pull it with an effort. If the villi are left in your hand, then it is better to refuse the purchase, because in one season such fur can crumble. In addition, high-quality fur does not crumple and does not deform. So if he is a donkey in places, it means low quality.
  3. Surface. The surface of the skins may be untreated (then externally it will look like suede) or treated (in this case it looks more like skin). The first option will protect the thing from scratches and damage, but the second is more practical, as it will avoid getting wet. In any case, the surface of the product should be pleasant to the touch andsmooth.
  4. Find out how the doublet will respond to snow or rain. Put a drop of water on the surface and follow it. If she immediately slipped, then the vagaries of the weather will not scare you. If the moisture is absorbed, then continue the search.
  5. Pay attention to the seams. They should be even and strong, preferably double. There should be no threads or loops in the line. Threads should not stand out or differ in color. The stitch length should be the same. Fur in any case should not fall into the seams.
  6. It is important to evaluate the quality of painting. To do this, you can wet a piece of cloth and hold them over the surface of the thing. If you see traces of paint, then the thing after the dry cleaning can just be shed or covered with stains, which is much worse. In addition, the color of sheepskin should be uniform.
  7. Cut. First, it is better to choose the doublets, sewn from fairly large pieces, this will protect the thing from deformation. Second, pay attention to the shoulders. They should not be bristled. Thirdly, evaluate the quality of the cut. To do this, raise one arm up and look at the shoulder of the second hand. If it remained motionless, then the thing is tailored qualitatively and by all rules.
  8. A sharp or unpleasant smell should alert, as it is a sign of poor-quality processing of hides.
  9. Even if a doublet was taken out of a package or a box (although it should not be stored at all), then it should not be a mint, natural skins do not crumble. In addition, there should be no kinks. Try to crush a piece of a thing and let it go. Ideally, it should quickly restore shape.
  10. Shake the product. No crunch or rasp should not be heard.
  11. Pay attention to all small details (pockets, cuffs). They should be well sewn.
  12. It is best to buy a sheepskin in a specialty store, so you can protect yourself from fakes and low quality. Knowing the address of the store, you can in case of problems contact the Consumer Protection Committee. Of course, going to the market, you can buy a product cheaply, but it is unlikely to be of high quality.
  13. The seller must provide certificates and other documents.
  14. The product must be labeled.
  15. Pay attention to the label sheepskin. It should have all the important information: the address and contacts of the manufacturer, recommendations for the care of the thing, the features of care and so on.
  16. Length.A long sheepskin coat will protect your feet from the cold, but if it is too long, then you risk staining the hem or even tripping over it. A short sheepskin coat is suitable for a woman driving a car, but if you have to wait for a long time for public transport, then such a thing will not exactly warm you. It is best to choose a sheepskin coat of medium length, namely, up to the knees, just above or below them.
  17. The style can be any, but the feminine models with a belt look more feminine. But if you need to hide too voluminous belly, then you can purchase an A-silhouette sheepskin coat or a straight cut.
  18. If you do not wear or do not like to wear hats, then get a doublet with a hood. But it should not be too heavy and voluminous. By the way, choosing a model with a detachable hood, you can remove it at any time.
  19. The warranty period of the product is one winter season and is about 4 months. In this case, the countdown begins not from the moment of purchase, but from the beginning of the winter season, that is, from November.
  20. Try on a sheepskin coat. Movement should be free, such a thing can not be close.

Fashion trends 2015

With fur

  • In 2015 sheepskin coats with length up to the middle of the thigh, as well as shortened models, including ultrashort, are especially relevant.
  • Many designers offer concise models in a style close to sports.It is not only interesting, but also very convenient.
  • The styles in the future season will be the most diverse, but slightly fitted models and models of direct laconic cut are especially relevant. In the trend of sheepskin coats with a smell.
  • Fur should be as much as possible, while it can be absolutely anything.
  • In the trend, bright and interesting colors: burgundy, red, emerald, coral, red, yellow, purple. But the classic brown, black and gray will also remain relevant. And also pay attention to the pastel range, that is, such colors as beige, sand, peach, milky and ivory.
  • As for the details, wide and sometimes unusual cuffs, voluminous collars, pockets and locks will be fashionable.

How to wear?


What is fashionable to wear women's sheepskin coat? Several variants:

  1. Sheepskin coat in a sporty style will be perfectly combined with almost any jeans. You can add a turtleneck, jumper or sweatshirt.
  2. Fitted models are combined with any dresses.
  3. Ultra-short models can be combined with long jumpers and jeans or with dress-sweaters and tight leggings.
  4. An elegant and feminine coat can be worn with a business suit.
  5. The choice of boots will depend on the style, style and length of the sheepskin coat. Shortened models look great with high boots with a stable heel or without it. Under the sheepskin coat of medium length, it is better to pick up boots with narrow tops. And a long sheepskin coat is best combined with half boots. Sports models will actually look uggs or snowboots.
  6. With a sheepskin coat, you can safely wear a scarf-collar, it will make the image mysterious and feminine.

How much is a sheepskin coat?


The price of an artificial sheepskin coat can be 100-300 dollars. A quality natural will cost at least 50-1000 dollars. The price range is huge, it all depends on the finish, the manufacturer, style and materials.



How to care for coats? A few important points:

  • Try not to fall under the rain.
  • It is better to store the product in a place protected from bright light and sunlight, otherwise it may fade.
  • Do not spray on the thing perfume.
  • Remove any dirt as soon as possible, preferably with a damp, soft cloth (if it is heavily soiled, moisten it with soapy water).
  • Do not clean the double on your own, give it to dry cleaning.
  • Keep the product on a hanger, but make sure that it does not squeeze with other things (and better not come into contact with them at all).
  • If you get wet, try not to sit down. Hang the sheepskin coat on a hanger and dry it (just not with a hair dryer and not on the battery).

Let the sheepskin coat serve you for a long time and make you the real queen!

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