How to choose a toaster for home

Toaster is an easy-to-use appliance for small kitchen appliances for toasting bread using electricity-conducting spirals. How to choose a toaster for home and not make a mistake?

An important quality of toasters is toasting bread without butter. Dried bread is healthier than toasted.

If you plan to fry bread and buns, take an ordinary toaster. All devices have several holes - 2 or 4. For security reasons, choose with a metal casing, the plastic does not hold a high temperature and is very hot.

If you plan to not only toast the bread, but also to bake, purchase a toaster grill, having previously checked the functions. To speed cooking, choose a device with convection or infrared heating. Determine the place where it is supposed to be installed, because some models are large.

Toasters are divided into 3 categories:

  1. Manual. Preparation must be controlled independently.To fry the bread on the other hand, turn the knob that turns it over.
  2. Semi-automatic. Equipped with a switch that protects the device from overheating when not working properly. Controls the roasting of bread due to temperature.
  3. Automatic machines. Control the process of frying bread. They have a thermostatic switch or a timer, after which the breads "jump".

From the history of toasters

In the 4th century BC, the ancient Egyptians learned how to bake bread, frying on coals on both sides. The Romans, who spent a lot of time in military campaigns, roasted bread on a fire. In translation from Latin, "tostun" means "to burn." Gradually conquering new lands, they transferred this custom to other nations, including the tribes that settled Misty Albion.

Later, when the colonization of America began, the British introduced the settlers to the croutons, and it became the national treasure of the Americans. The very first toaster was created by a British company in 1893. Then the iron wire burned and sparked, and the bread had a taste of burning.

The toaster received its second birth in 1909, already in the USA, which brought considerable profits to Frank Shaylor, who patented the invention.His toasters baked bread without burning taste. True, one was an inconvenience, at the end of the cord there was a base, which was screwed into an electric lamp holder, and the toasts had to be constantly monitored so that they would not burn.

In 1919, the devices automatically disconnecting at the end of the work appeared, and in 1926 the toasts learned to “jump out” independently. In 1933, private bakeries established the production of sliced ​​bread, especially suitable for the size of toasters, and in the 40s-60s of the last century, the apparatuses standardized. Since then, the toaster has undergone design changes and received a perfect design, taking into account the requirements of modernity.

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What type of toaster is better to choose

When choosing, functions play a considerable role: in what way the bread is loaded, the presence of cooking control. Toasters come in horizontal and vertical loading. Popular with a vertical load, some of which have enhanced functionality: roasters (toaster + oven), sandwich toasters or conveyor. What is better to choose?

  • If you plan to toast the toast, take the machine with a horizontal load.Manufacturers of such equipment operate in the lower price segment. The advantage is warming up toasts and bakery products.
  • If advanced features of the device are required, buy a roaster. It comes with horizontal loading and is functional. Additionally he cooks hot sandwiches or pastries, even cooking meat dishes. In addition to roasters, conveyor toasters have horizontal loading, but they are more suitable for catering establishments, and not for home use. They have high productivity: produce up to hundreds of toasts in an hour.
  • Need a small device that does not take up much space on the kitchen table? A sandwich toaster will do. It cooks toasted toast, hot sandwiches, spring rolls, shawarma or tacos. There are bulk sandwich toasters, the so-called sandwich makers. They feed a large family and are suitable for installation in a small cafe. For a large family, choose a device with four holes.

Characteristics of toasters

Some expensive toasters have a touch control surface. Cheaper options come with a dial with special shading without numbers and symbols.

Holes for bread 12 - 14 cm deep. The latest models are equipped with a heating chamber, where the cooking process is accelerated. In such chambers the convection heating or infrared is used. Modern models have functions of defrosting and roasting, everything is automated and combined into one cycle.

Toasters with a heating chamber have a non-stick coating. There are also porcelain coatings that are easy to clean. Of the special characteristics, I note the presence of the cancel button. That allows you to stop the cooking process at any time.

All appliances are equipped with crumb trays. It is aesthetic and safe: the crumbs do not wake up on the table and do not light up when heated, the tray is easily removed and cleaned. There are handles, as in a teapot, a lockable lid, nozzles, a chute for laying the cord.

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Additional functions

The function of defrosting or heating, automatic control of toasting and the location of the bread, the preparation of small pieces of bread.

  • Heating function. A special grill, on which baked goods are placed, provides uniform heating.
  • Defrost function. It will be useful if the bread is contained in the chamber for freezing.
  • Centering function. It monitors the uniform frying of bread. Helps to place a slice of bread in the center and evenly fry on both sides.
  • Picture Burning Function. Children will be delighted if they get toast with a smiley for breakfast.
  • Toasting function. During the next frying it is not necessary to set the mode.
  • Infrared sensors. Put in place of the usual timers. Control the temperature. The ceramic heater does not allow the smell of hot metal to spread when the appliance is turned on.

How to take care of a toaster

After use, turn off the toaster, let it cool and then clean it. Through the hole, pour the crumbs into the pan, remove and wash. If the tray is not there, turn the cold machine over and shake out the crumbs.

Abrasive cushions and powder detergents do not use, they will leave scratches on the case. Use a universal cleaner. Apply it on a paper towel and attach it to the stain. The cleaning agent will dissolve the stain of the trouble of labor.

Going to the store for an toaster,pay attention to the characteristics and material of manufacture. It can be from an alloy of aluminum, stainless steel or high-quality plastic. Pay attention to the characteristics of thermal safety, so as not to get burned when touching a working device. Check with the seller whether the device automatically turns off when small pieces of toast are ingested.

Basic Precautions

  • Toasters should not be placed near flammable objects, closed during operation.
  • After work, be sure to disconnect from the mains.
  • Do not fry foods covered with glaze or fats.
  • Do not allow the toaster to come into contact with water.

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