How to choose a scrub

The choice of scrub depends on your skin type. Oily fit stronger abrasives, dry and sensitive need very soft scrubs. If you do not want to dry out the skin, choose products with natural oils and vitamins.
Scrubs vary depending on which abrasives are included. The toughest products are made on the basis of ground fruit pits. Today, these facial scrubs are not used - they are best left to treat your feet, elbows, and other places with particularly dense skin. For the body, select exfoliants based on sugar or salt, supplemented with oils. The most gentle means are used for polishing the skin of the face - such scrubs are made on the basis of very fine mineral powder or polymer granules.
Consider and individual reactions. If your skin is prone to damage or is hypersensitive, discard the products based on sea salt. Essential oils can cause a negative reaction, especially citrus fruits. The best choice for such skin is neutral cream exfoliants with round polymer granules - they act very gently.
An alternative to conventional scrubs in the form of a paste or cream - means, reminiscent of soap with splashes of hard particles of loofah, ground nuts, sea salt or herbs. This bar is very convenient to handle the body. Another option is gels scrubs. They contain fewer abrasive particles and peel the skin very delicately.
Good scrubs produce stamps in different price categories. Luxury brands specialize in innovative formulas that not only cleanse and polish the skin, but also nourish and even tighten it. The composition of such funds include plant peptides, cell complexes, extracts from algae and valuable oils. Budget brands produce simpler products, instead of natural oils, more often using synthetic substitutes. However, these products can also have an excellent effect on the skin.
If you prefer natural formulations, buy organic scrubs. They are made on the basis of natural abrasives - for example, ground coffee, oatmeal or grated nuts. Such scrubs have a short shelf life, they need to be bought in small portions and stored in the refrigerator.

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