How to choose a quality and perfect mixer?

Every good hostess does not mind once again pampering her family with something delicious and unusual, especially since in the conditions of modern technological progress, the cooking process has become much simpler.

A large number of household appliances, as well as manufacturers' firms, are forced to lose their guesses on which option to stop their choice, so that the purse hit slightly, and the quality is more or less consistent.

A mixer is a great option for a young family, because he really can do a lot. Beat the eggs for an omelet? Mix vegetables and fruits to make healthy mashed potatoes for the baby? Or maybe you want to pamper yourself with milkshakes or decide to make mayonnaise? In all this you will come to the aid of a mixer.

After you decide on the need for such an acquisition, then immediately there is a real question, how to choose the right quality mixer, because you want him to work long and successfully.

To do this, you must first decide for yourself what you want from this device, because there are a considerable number of varieties of mixers. For example, if you want to use it only for everyday trifles, then it would be more logical to do with a simple option, you do not need to overpay a lot of money for unnecessary functions. But, of course, another thing, if you are going to cook a lot and often, using all the possibilities of a future invention, then the costs will be justified.

What are the?

Most often mixers are distinguished by one characteristic: by the method of control. Thus, in the appliance stores you can find only two main types: manual and stationary mixer. Let's talk about each species in more detail.

With manual, most likely, everything is clear, such a mixer must always be kept in hand while it beats the products. The advantages of such a device include those moments that they are usually light and compact, small and easy to understand.

That is why for such a mixer it is easy to find a place in the kitchen, because after each use it simply needs to be disassembled and folded.Such a copy quite successfully copes with everyday tasks, but if you decide to knead a thick dough, then with this culinary action, he can not cope.

To do this, you will have to purchase a stationary mixer, the option is more expensive, but much more solid and functional. True for such a friend will have to prepare a separate personal space in the kitchen, because you will not collect it in a compact box.

This mixer consists of the device itself, as well as the base, which holds the bowl for mixing products. The stationary mixer does not require any special physical costs, during its work the hands of the hostess are free, which at the same time can do something else.

Stationary and manual mixers have a common principle of operation, so you have to choose for personal needs. The only difference is that when buying a stationary mixer, you need to pay attention to the volume of the mixing bowl.

In the manual and on the box of the mixer itself, the total capacity is indicated, but in reality you cannot use the entire volume. For example, if it is stated that the capacity of the bowl is 3 liters, then you can only use 2.5 liters,since the use of a larger volume will force you not only to wash the mixer after its operation, but also the entire kitchen, it simply sprinkles all the excess.

What to look for when buying?


The most important technical characteristic of the mixer to which it is necessary to pay attention is the power of the mixer. It is precisely it that distinguishes the manual version from the stationary, it is easy to guess that the higher the power, the faster and more thoroughly your products will be whipped or mixed.

For example, hand mixers usually have a power of no more than 400 watts, and in stationary models, its value can reach 1000 watts. If you want to buy a mixer that will be used for whipping creams and batter, then enough power of 150-300 watts, and for the preparation of a thicker dough, you need models with a power of 300-350 watts.

Number of speeds

A typical low-power mixer can have up to 7 speeds, although they may not even differ much in the number of engine revolutions, that is, in essence, the device will work, maximum, in three speed modes.

But powerful models can have up to 12 speeds, and each switch will be noticeable, the speed of rotation of the nozzles will really change.There are variants of models in which the speed is regulated by the force of pressing a button, but such mixers remain for the amateur.

Modes of operation

In modern mixers, most often, there are only three modes of operation, each of which is designed for its characteristic work. The first mode is normal, it is used to work at a given speed, which allows you to mix and beat the products.

Pulse mode is usually used when working with very solid products, most often the speed of rotation of the nozzles is controlled by the force of the button. And the third mode is turbo mode, it is ideal for breaking up lumps in dough, the speed increases significantly, though for a short period of time.


When choosing any mixer, special attention should be paid to the configuration of the device itself. If you purchase a manual version, then it usually includes from one to five nozzles: these are, most often, a pair of corollas and several spirals, which are useful for kneading dough.

In stationary models, the choice is, of course, richer, the number of different nozzles and lotions is impressive: a wide variety of beaters and spirals, hooks, and knives for cutting.By the way, in some varieties you can find a nozzle that looks like a blender knife, and it performs the same functions as its counterpart.

By the way, when buying such a device, you must pay attention to the culture of the mixer itself. Pay attention to the shoulder blades, they should be strong, not thin and wire.

Pay attention to the body itself, it is better that it has the minimum number of gaps and seams, because after all it will stand in the kitchen, where water and dirt are constantly clogged. And, of course, as with any choice of home appliances, you need to pay attention to the presence of a compartment for storing the cord. After all, it is very inconvenient when once again you pull the mixer off the shelf, and with its cord it begins to hook other devices that remain on the shelf.

And, of course, if you want to purchase a quality product, then when choosing a kitchen mixer, special attention should be paid to the manufacturer. Naturally, the best option is to purchase models of well-known leading companies, and not Chinese unknown manufacturers. For the price it may turn out more expensive, however, such a mixer will last you much longer than its Chinese twin brother.

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