How to choose a metal tile?

The roof is the same important element of any construction as the foundation. The most modern roofing is metal tile.
The metal tile is a galvanized steel sheet, laminated for different profiles. Virtually every material is corroded. Therefore, a multi-layer protective coating is applied to the galvanized steel sheet. Polyester based polyester paint is a relatively inexpensive polymeric coating. For hot and cold climates such a polyester is most suitable. However, it has the disadvantage of low mechanical stability. It is very easy to scratch, so during delivery and installation with such material you need to manage, as with a crystal vase. The roof of glossy polyester will pour and shine in the sun. There is a matte polyester, which has all the qualities of glossy polyester, but it looks much richer due to the multidirectional reflection of light from the surface.Both glossy and matte polyester coatings have good color stability.
The metal tile with a new type of a covering - pural is issued. Pural - the most optimal coverage for areas with a sharp climate change. The positive side of this coating is greater mechanical stability than polyester. The coating is thicker.
Relatively new and thickest is the coating - plastisol. This is the most resistant coating to damage. On its surface put stamping. However, even such a coating has a disadvantage. Colors very quickly burn out, therefore, if you live in a hot region, it is better to choose light colors.
When choosing metal tiles should pay attention to the profile. It may differ in the pattern, pitch and depth of the profile itself. More beautiful roof will be with a large relief profile, respectively, with a big step. But the price of metal will also be set higher, as the steel sheet is more for its production.
Also pay attention to the manufacturer. Scandinavian manufacturers
(Sweden and Finland) are on the market longer and are considered the best.Finnish metal is very popular in Russia.
The roof of your house, covered with metal, will have a beautiful aesthetic appearance. Choose a covering and color suitable for your house, and enjoy a reliable and beautiful roof !!!

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