How to choose a house

Moving will not only live in the fresh air, get animals and enjoy the beautiful views of nature, but also change the lifestyle, add financial burden and impose additional obligations. The life of the owners of a private house is fundamentally different from the life of citizens, as well as the choice of home from the choice of apartment.

Where does the house start

A private house is not only a building, but also a plot, its size and location. Before you give preference to a particular locality, you need to estimate the cost of travel to the place of work, study, shops and emergency services. Of great importance is the fact whether the site is in the flooded area, whether there are no industrial enterprises in the neighborhood, which was located on the site before the construction of a residential house on it.
After selecting a settlement, you can proceed to the selection of a site - it should not be on a steep slope, near ravines or a cliff above a river, there should not be any irregularities on it. Those who are not ready for the serious costs of repairs and improvement should pay attention to the quality of fences around the perimeter of the site.

How to determine the desired size

The size of the house, of course, affects the number of family members permanently residing in it. For comfort, each household, according to statistical data, needs at least 30 square meters, that is, for a family of four, you need to choose a residential building with an area of ​​at least 100-120 square meters. If these parameters are observed, family members will not feel embarrassment and discomfort, which, of course, will have a positive effect on the psychological atmosphere in the family.

Worn building and communications

When buying a new structure, the question of the wear of walls, roof, foundation and communications, as a rule, does not arise. In this case, you need to pay attention only to the stable operation of the networks of electricity, gas and water supply, the willingness of service companies to quickly fix failures and eliminate shortcomings.
But when buying a residential house older than 20 years, it is necessary to pay great attention not to appearance, but to the quality of the foundation, roof supports, load-bearing walls and, of course, water pipes, electrical wiring and other communications. Those who do not have sufficient knowledge in how to choose a house, it is better to contact the specialists who are able to evaluate all the important parameters very carefully and withoutof emotions. Similar services are provided by centers for building expertise and the so-called BTI (Bureau of Technical Inventory).

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