How to choose a hat according to the shape of the face - tips and video material

The market offers caps in a wide range of materials, colors, styles. When choosing a hat, you should not be guided only by the advice of the seller, who aims to sell the goods. It is better to go to the store with friends or relatives in order to choose the right hat.

Choosing "clothes for the head", consider a number of points.

  1. The cap must fit the shape of the face and physique. If you can select the right product, it will be able to slightly adjust the silhouette. Be sure to try on and evaluate using a mirror.
  2. If you are short, do not buy a bulk model. Such a headdress will make the figure look like a mushroom.
  3. In addition to physique and height, consider the facial features. If small cheeks and a round face, a tight-fitting little cap will not work.
  4. If the nose is turned up, pay attention to the caps with earflaps with a visor bent upwards. People with a straight and long nose suit option hanging over forehead.
  5. Fur models like "hood" are popular. This headdress transforms the image, warms the neck and head.
  6. Women will create a current look with the help of fur hats of purple, emerald or ruby ​​color.
  7. Do not disregard the classic fur options. They offer a wide range of colors, a variety of patterns and shapes, warmth and coziness.

A warm headdress is an accessory that emphasizes beauty and style and takes care of health in the middle of winter.

Tips for choosing caps on the shape of the face

Looking into the store, people face difficulties in choosing. The range complicates the search. The following tips will make things easier.

  1. Square face. The best solution is considered a rounded cap or beret. It repeats the shape of the head and softens the angularity.
  2. Oval face. This face shape is universal. Buy your favorite model, regardless of style. Beret caps and asymmetrical options are considered the best option.
  3. Round face. The ideal solution is a “men's” hat with neat brims lowered down. Thanks to this accessory, the round face becomes subtle and strict.
  4. Triangular face. Wide edges with a similar face shape do not harmonize well, as they make it narrow. Hats without borders, covering the forehead - what you need. Fit and berets fit.

We select a man's hat

Men, as well as women, are extremely whimsical in questions of the choice and purchase of clothes. It used to be different, but now even the representatives of the stronger sex tend to look perfect.

The market offers winter, summer and even demi-season hats for guys. With the right choice of hats complement the male image.

  1. Think about your form before buying. The main thing is that it matches the type of person.
  2. Decide on the characteristics. Headgear are dense, light, leather, fabric, fur. Do not disregard the growth and equipment.
  3. If you stopped the selection for a fur product, take the time to buy. Using the female technique, try on several models.
  4. Men are scrupulous and practical. Pay attention to the material, cost and quality characteristics. Choose a warm hat, comfortable and convenient.
Video Tips

Men are interested in buying a suitable headgear. Some prefer hats with earflaps, others like caps, hats or fur headphones.

Selection of hats for clothes

Cap under the coat

Coat - a piece of clothing that is always in fashion.Contrary to changing trends and the vagaries of fashion, winter, autumn and shortened models do not leave the world podiums. People, regardless of gender and age, look elegant and stylish in a coat.

Hoods, fur and knitted hats, hats, berets, caps - the choice is huge. It is difficult to say that of the above is better, all types of hats are combined with a coat.

  1. Under the classic coat buy a knitted hat, hat or beret. Do not forget about the existence of updated bonnets that are back in fashion.
  2. The cap should keep warm. If you choose a winter coat variant, pay attention to the fur product.
  3. If the coat is without a fluffy collar, choose a piece of arctic fox, sable or fox. If the collar is suitable hood, knitted models or mink beret.
  4. The color of the cap should be darker or lighter than the coat. The best option when the product is in contrast to the shade of hair, especially if the accessories are in harmony with gloves and a scarf.
  5. If a coat with a pattern, buy a simple and monochrome headdress. Strict coat is combined with an intricate hat, decorated with flowers or ornaments.

Cap to a fur coat

Is it considered that winter and fashionable clothes are not comparable things? so some want to buy a hat to keep it warm.True fashionistas and fashionistas will always find a way to look stylish. To create a fashionable winter look, it is not enough to get a beautiful fur coat, coat or down jacket. It is necessary to successfully combine outerwear with a headdress.

  1. Since the fur coat is made of fur, the cap should be of the same fur, corresponding in color and texture to outerwear.
  2. The image will turn out ridiculous, if you wear a mink coat and, for example, a rabbit hat. Materials of clothing and headgear should be in harmony. This combination is suitable for daily use, and for the New Year's corporate party in the fresh air.
  3. An important factor is color. Ideal when it is in harmony with the hair color, face and shade of a fur coat. If red hair, buy a plum or chocolate model.
  4. If blond hair, the best solution is the option of peach, beige or white. Brunettes look good in purple, snow white and black tones.
  5. I recommend to take into account the height and shape of the figure. A tall woman looks ridiculous in a small hat that reduces head volume. Miniature ladies need to avoid large hats.
  6. A fur coat is an expensive thing.To match the hat, you should not save. If you bought an expensive fur coat, do not spoil the impression of a cheap option.
  7. A small number of stitches. Ideally, a hat is sewn from a whole piece of fur.
  8. If the model squeaks when touched, refuse to buy. It is probably made from low-grade material.

Choosing a hat for the winter

Soon snow will fall, frost will hit and will become cold. Without warming the head in such conditions is difficult. Correctly selected hat warms, emphasizes virtues, conceals shortcomings, completes the image.

  1. Go to the mirror and carefully look at the shape of the face. Then proceed to the modeling, guided by the recommendations.
  2. To the oval face fit berets, caps with low fields or asymmetrical options. Avoid tight berets.
  3. Holders of a round face recommend a hat-panamka, a hat with fields, variants with a visor and big berets.
  4. For a triangular face, choose hats with small edges. Tight-fitting models emphasize the upper face area, so they are not suitable.
  5. To the square face hats-earflaps, "eared" caps and hats with lowered fields will approach.
  6. The color should be combined with hair and face.
  7. I recommend buying pale caps and blondes to buy hats of bright colors. They look good in brown, black, red and blue headgear.
  8. Holders of red hair fit hats green, gray, black and blue. Red shade is not an option.
  9. Brunettes and brunettes are lucky. They fit any model, regardless of color.
  10. Consider the shape. I recommend high-volume products, but I advise you not to use large models.
  11. Trying on a hat, use a large mirror to evaluate the image.
  12. Going to the store for a hat, wear clothes that you plan to wear a purchase with. This will allow you to choose a product that harmonizes with a jacket or coat.

The main thing, be reserved by mood and patience. This is the only way to satisfy the result.

What happens if you do not wear a hat in the winter?

Contrary to the fact that the hat is a fashionable, stylish and warm accessory, people do not like it. Even in the winter, they go out into the street with their heads uncovered. This is a brave act, but one must remember about health.

If the window is at zero temperature, you can do without it. Health will not suffer if you have strengthened the immune system.When it is cold outside, the benefits of headgear become palpable. To get the flu or a cold, it is enough to supercool the head. In addition, low temperature harms the ears. It is enough to weather them, and immediately there is some kind of disease.

People who refuse to wear hats, go into warm rooms to warm up. They do not realize that a sharp temperature drop harms the ears. What to say about serious diseases that can overtake if you do not wear a hat. In cold weather, you can catch a cold nerve. It is fraught with pain and a contorted face.

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