How to choose a good ski suit?

The winter season is already looming on the horizon, which means it’s time to plan your winter vacation, where the ski resorts are far from the most recent positions in the overall rating.

Snow, snowflakes, white drifts and funny skiers on the tracks - all this, of course, is inspiring and amusing, but still you should go there well-trained, which means you need to learn how to choose a quality ski suit.

Otherwise, already after the first active day in the snow, you will quickly recall what is wet, cold and unpleasant, and, even after a day, you will begin to actively treat for a cold. To prevent anything from happening, it is very important to feel warm, cozy and comfortable on the track.

You should like him

By the way, it is very simple to distinguish a beginner-skier, and the matter is not only in uncertain movements, but also in the clothing itself. Usually he is wearing everything and a lot, but, nevertheless, he still feels not in the most comfortable way - his feet got wet, and behind the collar there is snow.

And the whole thing is the inability to pick up good specialized clothes that will not only warm well, but will not let the water through, but also be able to boast a pleasant look. After all, doing even winter sports, you still want to look attractive! This raises the question of how to choose a quality and, most importantly, fashionable ski suit?

It will not get sick

The main task of such clothes is not only to be warm, but also to protect you from wind or snow, to keep warm and absorb moisture, and also not to slip when falling. At first glance, you might think that this is really some kind of super-clothing, but, in fact, manufacturers have long learned to use the special properties of special fabrics, as well as resort to tricks of cut.

All the skiers' outfits must consist of three layers, each of which performs its function. The first layer is necessarily adjacent to the skin, its main task is to absorb sweat and “send” it to the outer layers. The second is the necessary insulation, without it you will be cold. The latter is protective, thanks to which you will be comfortable in the wind, snow and even rain.

The composition of the suit. What should I look for?

The first layer.As the first layer is usually used special underwear, this includes everything from shorts and T-shirts, ending with T-shirts, socks and underpants.

High-quality underwear for skiers are usually made of modern synthetic fabrics, which, despite all the prejudices, allow the skin to "breathe" and, at the same time, do not get wet, do not allow bacteria to multiply and are hypoallergenic.

Normal cotton underwear is not suitable here, because cotton, in spite of its quality, is good at letting in air and does not let moisture through. And this means that in it you will quickly sweat and freeze.

Required for beginners

Among the synthetic materials for underwear distinguished series Polartec company Malden Miles. Most manufacturers of specialized clothing even produce ski socks, which look very much like socks.

For their production, a mixture of synthetic materials (polyacryl, polyamide, etc.), natural (cotton, wool) with lycra or elastane is usually used. They are more dense on the heel and toes, in addition to have a seal on the shins, so that holes do not appear at these places after the first experience on the track.

The second layer.Responsible for the preservation of body heat. Usually, this includes insulants inside pants and jackets, sweaters, or a variety of vests, which are made on the basis of down (goose or eider) or nonwoven heater (Polartec 3M or Thinsulate).

It is better not to use the synthetic winterizer here, because after the first wash it loses up to 30% of its thermal properties, except that the body does not breathe under it. Pooh is evaluated by a special characteristic - its elastic properties, which are determined by the parameters of "Fill Power". Its best value reached 750 units.

Indispensable thing

Non-woven insulation is absolutely hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly synthetic fluff substitutes that perfectly retain heat and allow the excess moisture to evaporate.

Third layerIt is protective and is characterized by two main characteristics: moisture evaporation and water resistance. Usually, special membrane tissues are used for these purposes, and in cheaper versions - impregnations. Naturally, the higher these characteristics are, the more expensive the kit will cost you.

For example, for experienced skiers who ride at a moderate pace and do not plan to constantly fall, it is sufficiently water resistant to 5000 mm and a vapor resistance of 5000 g / sq.m / 24 h.For inexperienced skiers who are going to the track for the first time, experts recommend choosing suits with parameters 8000 × 7000.

One more important property of such winter sports suits is their not blowing through the wind. To do this, use special windproof materials in jackets or sweaters.

What else to pay attention to?

Ski suits, both female and male models, should be equipped with special “gadgets” that will provide you with additional comfort during skiing. Naturally, on the number of them, the price of the product will depend greatly.

Superior comfort

For example, it is important that the suit has special seals on the places that are most often injured when falling - elbows, knees and others - so you protect yourself from instant holes. Not bad, if there are special loops on the sleeves for fixing gloves, and all the seams should be not just stitched qualitatively, but also taped, which will ensure the durability of your suit.

All costumes are usually divided into two main types - overalls and "two", that is, pants and a jacket. The first come to taste more like professional athletes, as they are tight and do not interfere with movement.

If you are an amateur skier, then you will also have options for the “two”, but you need to make sure that the jacket is fastened to the pants with a zipper, and the pants are equipped with elastic bands at the bottom, which will not allow them to bully at the wrong moments.

Also, we should not forget that high-quality costumes will have to fork out, the price for them can vary between 300-1000 US dollars, these, of course, include serious manufacturing companies. Relatively inexpensive costumes can be searched from manufacturers of universal sportswear, for example, “Columbia”.

It is very important to choose the right size: the suit should not be too tight for you, because it’s not a dress on the podium, but baggy options that are a size or two more than yours, “in reserve” will not work either.

As for the color, here as someone as you like, there are classic and strict models, and there are positive and colorful, especially in women's and children's collections. From the point of view of specialists, it is necessary to choose brighter colors, since such a skier is much easier to find in the avalanche or the rubble.

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