How to check the fuel pump

You will need
  • - key "on 13";
  • - key "8";
  • - screwdriver
Disconnect the supply and outgoing hoses by loosening the clamps with the key “6” or a screwdriver. Take offgasoline pumpfrom the car, unscrewing the key "13" two nuts from the studs of the cylinder block. If it fails to press the upper lid tightly against its body, then the upper part of the pump should be replaced.
Unscrew the center bolt. Remove the nylon mesh filter. Inspect it, it should not have damage. If they are, replace the filter. Unscrew the six screws and remove the upper part of the fuel pump. On it are located valve, suction and injection. To check the latter, apply air to the delivery fitting of the pump (with a hand or foot pump), the valve should sit tightly in its place and not allow air to flow through. If it does not, replace it or replace the top.
Inspect the diaphragm assembly. Disassemble it. To do this, unscrew the central nut with the key “8”. The assembly is compressed by a spring, so be careful.After disassembly, inspect carefully the diaphragm. They must be flexible and free from damage. Replace if any defects are visible. Inspect the spring. It should be whole and quite elastic. If not, replace, and on the road, just stretch and set temporarily.
Take the pusher. Inspect it. It should be without visible damage, namely: there should not be a work hardening on the end. If so, replace it; if you are on the road, adjust the length of the gaskets between the pump and the cylinder block.

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