How to change the situation

It is worth remembering that changing the situation is not an escape. Your problems, shortcomings, complexes - all this will go to you even on a desert island. However, the situation around you in itself can be toxic and suck out of you those forces that could be spent on something good. For example, to resolve their problems, to increase self-esteem, to rest. Sometimes, in order to come to our senses, we simply lack a free, unoccupied head.
Having decided to change the situation, listen to yourself. How do you like to relax, which gives you more energy? Some people are charged with new experiences, unusual activities, communication with new friends. Others on the contrary want peace and loneliness.
Optimally - take a vacation and go to another country. The change of scenery will be total: absolutely everything around you will change and, if you return, you will also undoubtedly have changed - maybe just a little, but suddenly this is exactly what you lacked?
If opportunities do not allow changing the situation so drastically, stay in your own country, but visit completely new places.The walked streets, the home-work-home schedule are tiring not only physically, but also emotionally. In order to shake things up, you can have enough vacation at your own summer cottage, provided that you read, swim, walk around the neighborhood, learn a bicycle or yoga, call friends on a big party with tents and a fire - in short, do not begin to weed the beds and poison the Colorado beetle, or how all these years passed your "rest" in the country? Stop it for at least one week.
Even in two days off, you can get to the suburban recreation center and relax there, soaking up new scenery, clean air, silence, or, on the contrary, the hubbub of unfamiliar voices.
And even in a few hours you can unwind, after sitting in a previously unfamiliar restaurant with a book, devoting this time to yourself. The meaning of changing the situation is to set our brain to change. Having found itself in new circumstances, our consciousness is reorganized - this flexibility can be used. To make decisions that are difficult given in other conditions. Look at the situation from the new side.
In your own home, it is useful to do a rearrangement, to change interior items - it's amazing how sometimes new curtains are breathing life into a person - to update the wardrobe according to the principle “I haven’t had one yet.”Create a novelty in everyday life, so you can avoid the feeling of being driven back, one endless groundhog day.

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