How to change the clutch?

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How to change the clutch?

It happens that the car fails at the most inopportune moment and you need to urgently fix its malfunction. If you can easily figure it out with changing the oil or wheel, changing the clutch if necessary is not so easy. Today we will understand exactly this issue.

How to change the clutch: instructions

Speech in our article will be about cars "on the handle", that is, with manual gear shifting. Automatic switching provides greater comfort, but it can only be changed in the cabin.

The clutch switches the engine to the next gear, which, in fact, allows the driver to increase the speed of the car. Most often fail gears, connecting the switching device and the mechanisms of the engine. The gears on the gears eventually disappear and begin to slip, and this does not allow to switch on the necessary gear.

We offer step by step instructions for replacing the clutch.

  1. Turn off the hub nut and loosen the attachment of the front wheels.
  2. We remove the battery from the terminal, and the fuel inlet is moved away from the throttle. Now you need to completely remove the battery and pallet. Brake fluid should be pumped out using an enema or syringe.
  3. Now you can roll the car on a lift or put it on a viewing pit. Here it is necessary to remove the motor protection.
  4. Turn off the bolts of the ball bearings, then pull them out of the levers.
  5. Disconnect the sensor shaft, reverse and all others that interfere with the removal of the transmission.
  6. Now you need to hang the starter. Loosen the bolts securing the clutch housing.
  7. At the checkpoint, you will find 7 plastic snaps that need to be unclipped. Also remove the front cover. Turn off the bracket and remove the entire plastic case of the device.
  8. Takes out the pin To do this, disconnect the tube from the cylinder DOT.
  9. Now remove the front wheels of the car.
  10. Now we need any container for collecting oil. It will pour out at the moment when we take out the shaft. With the correct passage of the previous stages, the shaft should be removed easily. It just needs to be removed from the clutch device.Do it neatly. Try not to damage the anthers.
  11. Now also remove the drive shaft. Here it will be more difficult, so you can use brute force and heavy tool, which can knock out the shaft.
  12. On the removed shaft it is necessary to check a condition of a lock ring. If it is bad, you need a replacement.
  13. Now you need to organize props that will hold the engine and the rest of the car. The left engine support must be unscrewed and carefully proceeded to disconnect the transmission.
  14. Attention! Gearbox device - very hard stuff. Better to shoot it with an assistant. After disconnecting all fasteners, you need to move the gearbox to the left and pull it down.
  15. Go directly to the clutch. It is necessary to disconnect the flywheel from the basket. Wipe the flywheel dry cloth and remove the worn disc, putting in its place a new one. It is necessary to accurately follow the disk centering, otherwise it will not connect to the engine disk.
  16. In general, the clutch is ready, now it needs to be returned to its place. By the way, on many video portals there are materials that will tell you how to change the grip. Carefully fasten all the gearbox mounts and put the engine parts in the sequence in which they were removed.Do not forget that you need to pour new oil, as we poured the old.
  17. We also recall that we pumped out the brake fluid that needs to be filled. By the way, the approximate level of the amount of oil and brake fluid after replacing parts of the gearbox is determined, as many mechanics say, by the fact that “the fluid does not flow from all the holes”.
  18. In general, you can now check the operation of the clutch on the road.

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